Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blog Stuff: I'm just a girl... Part Deux.

Two more fun ones from the last couple of days:

1) A customer comes off the range, having finished up with shooting the rental SIG P-220. We allow switching between rental guns of the same caliber without charging an additional fee, and so he flags me down behind the counter and says "Excuse me, I'd like to swap out this SIG for the HK USP in .45."
I take the pistol from him, visually and tactilely check the chamber myself, and bend down into the showcase to swap it out with the rental USP45C. Before I can even get the showcase open, he continues: "That'd be the black, boxy-looking one in the front row, right where I'm pointing."

What I wanted to say: "Well, gee, sir, thank you for that clarification. I'm not sure I could have found the USP without your assistance. Matter of fact, how would you like to hop behind the counter and help me manage this place?"

What I said: "Thank you sir. Why yes, that is it. Here you are."

What I didn't say: "...By the way, your comment is going to get immortalized on the Errornet tomorrow night."

2) A customer is looking for a spare mag for his Walther "P-38" (actually a recently-imported P-1.) He appears unhappy with Tiffani's help, so she decides to get me. When I walk around the corner from my cubicle, he appears nonplussed at the sight of another pesky female being offered up as the solution to his problems.
"What do you know about a P-38?" he snaps.
"Well," I reply, "It's a single-stack service pistol chambered in 9mm Parabellum that operates on the short recoil principle, with the barrel and slide locked together by means of the toggle-type locking block now commonly used in Berettas. It's a double-action/single-action pistol (the first of that type used by a major military) with a hammer-dropping safety. It was adopted by the German military between the wars in yaddayaddayadda, blablabla..."
His eyes glazed over before mine did.


Bryan said...

Too bad y'all aren't in the DFW area. My wife and I would be loyal customers, becuase this cuts both ways in the store-customer relationship. She's been ignored in stores while gift-shopping for me. When we were shopping for a new carry piece for her, (some) male salesmen had a nasty habit of trying to keep talking to me, even though the gun would be for her. Neither of us is an expert by any means, but she knows her stuff well enough to handle herself. She won over one guy, though. She said she was interested in a new gun. "Oh, we've got some revolvers over here," he replied. She explained why she's not a revolver fan, and also mentioned that she really likes her XD, but it's just to big for her to carry. "Carry?" he asked. "Yeah, I've got a CHL." [blank stare] He tried to show her a Kahr, but she explained how Kahrs weren't comfortable for her to shoot. The don't fit her hand right. [blank stare] Then, you could see just a bit of enlightenment wash upon him. He was fine after that. Sort of a learning experience for him, I suppose. Kudos to him for adapting.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated question....

I have a full size Springfield Armoury 1911 that use just as a target pistol. I have a fanny pack big enough to carry it, but it is a BIG fanny pack and it just screams "concealed weapon"

Is there are a reasonable way to carry this gun, or should I just stick my small concealable guns?

I live in Florida and don't want to deal with vests/jackets/etc.... Some people have said "small of the back" others say that they hate that....

What are your thoughts?

Tam said...

If you're going to carry a 5" 1911, you need to be willing to dress around the gun.

IWB holster worn behind the point of the hip. Baggy tee that can be worn untucked, or some kind of shirt or vest for a covering garment.

If you're going to use an SOB holster, ask yourself what might happen if you get knocked off your feet with a steel bar placed across your lumbar spine.

If these accomodations seem unreasonable to you, may I suggest a Kahr or J-frame? They make swell pocket guns...

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

The first fellow--maybe he's been shopping in a typical shop around here. I've done a sight of pointing while rattling off a detailed description of a particular pistol or revolver while the sales help is grabbing everything else.

I was at a shop today. I've done a lot of business there in the past, but it has just changed ownership. I asked one question of the two guys behind the cash register. I got nothing but a panicked look and repeated promises that Tom, the owner, would soon be back to help me personally.

Tom did come back but proved to be almost mute. It wasn't like they were busy. I was the only customer. I must have repulsed them.

Coal Creek and a sales manager such as yourself are rarities.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info on carrying a 1911. I may try the IWB - people seem to like the C-Tac or the Milt Sparks....

A baggy T-shirt I can deal with, as that is what I usually wear. I usually wear white, but I guess I will need to go to a color... or will the average 1911 print through a white tee?

Xavier said...

These are hilarious Tam! Keep it up. I like nothing better than to watch my C&R loving spouse haggle the price on a rifle because the it fails to match the decor of her room.
These percieved prejudices can be used both ways. (My wife shoots her C&R rifles)

Zendo Deb said...

Love this post... and I have recommended your inclusion in the TTLB gunbloggers community. I was surprised that you weren't already a memeber.

Windaria said...

Hey anonymous... I don't know how large you are, but if you want a holster that can carry a full sized 1911 without any problems, and without any visible bulge, look at the pager pal.

I can carry it and it is incredibly comfortable and you can't tell. Now, granted I'm 6'2" and 290 lbs, so I don't know how it would be on someone who is small, but check it out. It is the only holster I am interested in anymore because the WHOLE gun is below the waistband, can be drawn very, very fast, and is very comfortable to wear.

Windaria said...

Oh... and also, with the Pager Pal, you don't need to worry about wearing a shirt. Heck, the ONLY thing you need to wear is a pair of shorts, and I do mean the only thing. You can go out completely naked, with the exception of your shorts, and it doesn't show up at all.

If you contact the guy that sells them, he goes to a lot of gun shows so might show up in your area (don't know where you live, but I see him a lot in Texas and know he travels to other states). As a result, you might get to try one on and see what it feels like first.

Grampapinhead said...

Hi Tam,
Just wanted to say thanks, and let you know I corrected and reposted the 'quiet guys' as you suggested. Thanks for the tip. I emailed 'Media Lies' about the error.
could not find an email address for you, so i am posting this in your comments. You may have noticed, I am a great fan of your site.

Roger Ritter said...

His eyes glazed over before mine did.

That's as it should be. Might teach him not to ask silly questions.