Monday, October 31, 2005

Blog Stuff: Happy Halloween!

I suppose I'm expected to post something scary. Okay.

"President Hillary!"



Unknown said...

You know what? I wish she does become POTUS. That way, Republicans might actually mobilize and do something constructive, instead of cheering on the Constitutional rape party thrown by W.

People only ever recognize the danger to our rights when it's the Other Party who pisses on the parchment.

Tam said...

Despite the damage it may do to my libertarian street cred, even I can admit to gasping a difference between "suckier" and "suckiest".

...and not even President Castro would make the GOP stand up for freedom, silly, they'd just stand up for their own brand of statism, which I tend to find moderately less repulsive than the other party's brand.

Anonymous said...

President Hillary?

Now THAT would be a reason for me not to move to the USA. ;-)