Friday, October 14, 2005

Politics: An interesting note on the name-calling...

When you plug "dhimmocrat" into Google, it asks if you really meant "democrat", yet when you input "repugnican", it makes no attempt to correct you.

An indicator of the Eeeevil left wing plot? Probably not, but interesting nonetheless.

(As an aside, the most convoluted Right Wing insult attempt I've yet seen is "dhummbonRAT"; a tongue-dislocating attempt to conflate "dhimmi", "dumb", "demon", and "rat" all in one perjorative. Ten out of ten for effort, but minus several thousand for tortured etymology.)


Anonymous said...

I was sending a letter to my Congress-critter a couple years ago. When the spell-checker hit Schumer, it came up with a couple of fitting alternatives: "scummier" and "schemer". It's a good thing I don't work in a cubicle farm; my cow-orkers would wonder if I'd gone off the deep end.


Windaria said...

Nawh, Google is a HUGE supporter of freaky left-wing causes, and restricts conservative advertising as being offensive at times. WND wanted to put up an ad once and wasn't allowed, and they aren't the only ones.

As for insults... I just wish they'd stick to the simple easy to follow ones, such as Robert "Sheets" Bird. We all know what it means, and it is a good reminder. [smiles]