Friday, October 14, 2005

Politics: Why I'm occasionally un-squeamish...

...about the death penalty.

Via TFS Magnum, we read of one seriously off-kilter individual who kidnapped her pregnant neighbor and then, with the aid of a Stanley knife, tried to kidnap her neighbor's unborn child.

There are some things that you just don't "rehabilitate" from, y'know? Can you imagine anything as ludicrous as someone standing in front of a parole board and saying, "Yeah, I whacked her over the noggin with a Louisville Slugger, dragged her out into the woods, and tried to cut the baby from her womb with a rusty boxcutter so I could keep it for myself, but I was under a lot of stress at the time. Hey, I'm all better now, though, and I promise I won't do it again."

It is because of cases like this that I have few qualms about sentencing the occasional... well, evildoer is the only correct term... to the "Rehabilitation Through Reincarnation" program.

I understand that some folks get (rightly) all a-twitter about handing The State the power of life & death over its serfs citizens, but how rabid does a dog have to be before you shoot it?


BobG said...

Have to agree with you on that; that is one of the more disgusting crimes I have seen in the news lately.

Windaria said...

No... the death penalty isn't just for things like this. The fact is, rehabilitation is a joke as the vast majority of violent crime is committed by a small number of repeat offenders. There is no reason my tax dollars should go to feed and clothe these animals while they are in prison, so execute them and get rid of the problem.

Dennis said...

Tou can't solve a problem until you properly define it. The classic example is "Juvenile=one too young to be responsible,+ Delinquent=one failing in respnsibility=Juvenile Delinquency"
How do you "rehabilitate" one who has NEVER been habilited in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Melissa and I just saw that on the four o'clock news. This isn't the first case of someone trying to take a baby from the mother's womb. It seems to be some sort of weird copycat crime for the mentally disturbed.

- Les

Anonymous said...

In a case like that, I would personally be willing to put two in the back of that crazy person's skull. There is a certain level of crazy where all hope is lost.