Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Politics: The weekly Bias Check is up...

...at Alphecca. Click here.

My favorite bit this week? It's from this letter from trembling hand-wringer Helle Berry of Racine, who is driven into writhing despair at the prospect of legalizing "hidden guns" in her beloved state. (How ever does she muster the courage to peek out from underneath the covers in the morning?)

"There are so many angry people in our world these days," she frets hysterically "Let’s not make it even easier to cause grievous bodily harm."

Honey, if it was just about being angry, explain to me how I've worked twelve years in retail with a loaded gun on my hip and have yet to cap even one rude patron?

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Xavier said...

Wow! Thanks Tam. I just added my thoughts over there. I suggest we all do.