Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blatant Capitalism: Offer Not Valid For Me, Dammit.

My boss arrived at the shop this morning, and I had to ask him if he'd gone nuts.

Me: "I thought we were in business to make money."
Him: "I just wanted to see if anyone was reading the Blog."
Me: "Okay, whatever. Er, hey, does that mean..."
Him: "Offer not valid for employees of Coal Creek Armory, Inc. Void where prohibited. Et cetera."
Me: *sulk*


Windaria said...

You know... ever since you linked to it before I have checked out the armory blog once every week. I saw that and drooled, just too bad I don't live anywhere near there and don't have the funds. But by golly... I DO I DO I READ IT PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

It's the same offer they had a few days ago. Pretty good deal, if I were into SKS.


Anonymous said...

Can you post a good quality photo of one of those SKS please?

Tam said...

" It's the same offer they had a few days ago."

No, that was $165, this is $165 out the door. When you factor in the $10 TICS check and 9.25% sales tax, that's, like, just under $142/gun.

BryanP said...

You torment me. I'm just close enough (Nashville) to consider this. If I still worked for the company that sent me to Knoxville regularly I'd have to have a "sudden emergency" with one of the servers in Knoxville that would let me get paid to drive up there and buy one of those rifles. But alas I am employed elsewhere these days and all the servers I take care of are 50 feet from this chair.

Mopar said...

Or, ya could just get your C&R FFL (especially handy for those of us who like old milsurps and DONT happen to work for a full fledged FFL!)and get a fairly decent SKS shipped right to your door for around $90 like the one I just bought for my wife (so I wouldn't have to share mine).

Tam said...


You can get semi-decent Type 59/66's for that price, but these are the same top-grade Type 59's that AIM surplus is selling for $159.95/ea.

Windaria said...

Just quit, buy one, then beg for your job back?

The Commander said...

I don't remember saying it wasn't valid for employees or anything close to Wonkalike.