Friday, October 07, 2005

Politics: Go stand in the corner.

I am so over having to employ my Vast Right Wing Conspiracy decoder ring to descramble the Politically-Correct Name Of The Day in order to figure out what political actor is being described at the various rest stops on the right shoulder of the Disinformation Dirt Road.

Is nobody else tired of the playground nonsense of "Feinschwein" and "demonRATS" and such? It's so Fourth Grade Schoolyard. It's so... so... so Democratic Underground.

"You're a Repugnican!"
"You're a dhimmocRAT!"
"Oh, yeah? Chimpy McHitlerburton!"
"Well Komrade Klintoon to you, too!"

For chrissake, how can anyone over age twelve with an IQ larger than their hat size mistake that for intelligent conversation or find it even remotely amusing? Isn't emotion-driven spittle flinging supposed to be the hallmark of the other side?

And even one of you kids so much as peeps a "They started it", I swear to god I will turn this car around right now! Ya buncha big poopie-heads!


BobG said...

Excellent; I get tired of seeing so called "flame wars" that actually resemble a bunch of nasty-tempered children calling each other childish personal insults; people should show a modicum of courtesy and adult behaviour.

EgregiousCharles said...

It always makes me wonder how many are in fact nasty-tempered children. It's not like there are none on the Web.

BryanP said...


Unfortunately, based on conversations overheard at the local gunshop it's not children using terms like Feinswine and DemonRat. At least their not legally minors anymore.