Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Politics: Men in skirts... on camels?

According to the BBC, a super-secret 30-year-old report indicates that if the Scots Gaelic-speaking equivalent of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had their way back in the Age of Disco, Scotsmen would be riding around on camels and wearing Rolexes.

One has to wonder: If they were serious about independence, why didn't they push harder? Heck, since the end of WWII, England has been almost pathetically eager to kick ducklings out of the nest. As long as you didn't have an Ulster return address on the envelope, sovereignty was yours for the asking with naught but a politely-worded request to Downing Street. I even thought about requesting independence from the UK for my apartment, just because the presumed affirmative form-letter I'd get in response would look cool framed on my wall, what with all the gold leaf and royal seals.

Note to Scots: If you shoot at them enough and get the Frogs on your side, they'll leave. At least, that's the way it worked for us. Just thank heaven that it isn't Yankees you're trying to rid yourself of...

In other news from those little islands, Jesus Folds.
The moral? No matter who your dad is, don't draw to an inside straight, kids.

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