Friday, October 28, 2005

Boomsticks: Last of the '03A3s.

Via Les Jones, the CMP is running out of M1903A3s.

Buy one.


This is one of the best-shooting milsurps available, with good examples capable of hanging with any Swede or Finnish Mosin, and boasting much better sights than either of them. For bonus points, they're only $400. Folks, when's the last time you saw an un-sporterized '03 of any variety for sale for much under six bills? With the skyrocketing price of American milsurps, this is a safer investment than a time machine and a handful of 1930's-vintage IBM stock certificates. Ten years ago, would you have believed you'd see the day when good, original M1 carbines were trading north of $700, and any Garand was an Eight Bill proposition? No? Then take my advice; jump on one of these classic crank-cockers today.

(The truly fiscally savvy will bypass the '03A3s in favor of the Mark I's.)


BobG said...

Got mine several years ago, cost me $46 (including tax); great for deer hunting, until I took up handgun hunting.

DirtCrashr said...

Got a really nice M1 from the CMP before the current "all we have are rack-grade Greeks" - an O3A3 would be swell.