Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blog Stuff: Sunday Miscellany.

I Oppose The Miers Nomination.

Well, TruthLaidBear asked. Like it's any surprise that I'm not in favor of someone whose sole virtue seems to be that she's the ultimate fruit of the GOP's decision to woo the Religious Right in order to get Reagan elected. My stance differs from hers on Roe v. Wade, as well as on affirmative action; the White House has made publically approving comments about her religiousity that creep me out; yet one or two people I know still tell me I should like her because she has a carry permit and has obliquely said nice things about the Second Amendment. Folks, a government full of NeoPuritan Crypto-Fascists would make me want to use the Second Amendment.

Happy Birthday Alphecca.

Three years of checking the bias. Voluntarily combing through the mainstream media looking for their skewed perception on the RKBA indicates a man both strong of stomach and free of weak blood vessels.

As an aside, I knew that Gunsite had gotten pretty free with their licensing these days, but was unaware that they had branched out into baked goods... ;)

What If...?

What if WWII had taken place in a chatroom, via Dummocrats.

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Robert Garrard said...

It never fails to amaze me how the gun industry is always referred to as "unregulated". I have to wonder how anyone can get through college and still be as stupid as some of these people; it's as if everything that was thrown at them refused to stick once the last exam was taken, or that they hit a Reset button in their foreheads to perform a memory dump.