Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Boomsticks: Some antique Mausers found on the 'net...

If you collect old military rifles in general or Mausers in specific, or are (like me) trying to single-handedly start your own military rifle museum, SOG has a deal for you. They have apparently turned up a small quantity of German Mauser Gew. 71/84's, including some that have been shortened into a stutzen-type configuration. As an item of historical interest, these are fairly significant: The 71/84 was Mauser's first magazine-fed repeater. Plus, the lifter from the tube magazine is fun to watch in action.

The cool thing? Due to their age, these are considered to be antiques, and not firearms by the BATFE, and can be delivered to your doorstep, no FFL required. Factory-new loaded 11mm Mauser ammo is available from Rocky Mountain Cartridge, LLC. Bring money.

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Mike said...

That's right, they are shortened rifles done during the modern era (last week, maybe 2 weeks ago). My carbine is nice but is was probably cut off in a powered hack saw. 1887 Spandau date/arsenal, nice wood and metal, shiney bore.