Friday, May 25, 2007

Baseball: Revenge, unlike hot dogs, is a dish best served cold...

John Smoltz picks up win number 200 in a 2-1 victory over the Mets and That Traitor Glavine.

It makes me smile. :)


Todd said...

"That Traitor Glavine"

Amen Sister!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss Greg Maddux.
He doesn't have the solid fuel rocket booster in his arm, but he's the smartest pitcher of the famous trio. The Master of Finesse.

Anonymous said...

Here in Missouri, people often say their two favorite teams are the
St Louis Cardinals and "whoever is playing against the Mets"


Anonymous said...

Congrats to John!

Glavine, since leaving the Braves has a winning record against all NL teams, except the Braves. Heh.

As I read your 'That Traitor Glavine' bit, I was glad I had already swallowed my tea. My wife could have written that word for word. Whenever an ex-Brave plays against Atlanta she howls 'TRAITOR!' But honey, I sometimes reply, we traded him for so and so that has been playing well. She gets all huffy and mumbles things.

It took her awhile to come around, but she's turned into one hard core Braves fan. I'm so proud.