Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blog Stuff: Why We Write.

There are as many reasons to write a blog as there are people who write them. Some of us are out to be alternative news sources, others comment on their hobbies or pop culture or fashion, some of us are frustrated writers with short attention spans who can't keep their thoughts in line long enough to write an essay yet still want folks to chuckle at their pointed one-liners (ahem!).

There are others who are just putting their thoughts in a bottle and throwing them into the electronic surf, writing more or less for the pure pleasure of putting their musings in readable form and not much caring who reads them, if anyone. They're just happy to create. To leave a fingerprint. A log of their days, on the web. (Which is, after all, what a web log is supposed to be.)

If it hadn't been for Kevin at The Smallest Minority, I would never have read Skywritings, and I'd be a poorer person for it. Here, from the collected musings of someone I've never met, I have taken away so very much, and all for no charge. What a cool invention the Intarw3bz are. :)

Go, read.


Jeffro said...

I just got back from reading her blog - as directed by Kevin, and find you recommending her as well. No wonder - she can frikken write! She has an eye for detail and the ability to express emotions that few capture.

Tam said...

She's a pilot! She shoots! She can write! I am so totally nursing a girl crush here. I want to be like her if I ever get around to growing up. :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading this and the links to it. Come visit me if you have time at

LBJ said...

You guys are making me blush here. . I'm just a simple pilot that likes .45's, nachos, sci fi movies, and beer.

but thanks. .. .

Anonymous said...

I'm just a simple pilot that likes .45's, nachos, sci fi movies, and beer.

And "can write eloquently". That's the most important bit.

Also, you like dogs as more than just accessories, which is good enough for me.


Buffboy said...

Thank you Tam, it was well worth the reading.