Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Politics: Her words, not mine.

Cindy Sheehan titled her throw-in-the-towel post at the Daily Kos "Good Riddance Attention Whore".

I find I have nothing to add.


LawDog said...

The betting pool now opens regarding how long Cindy can stay out of the limelight before the shakes get too bad and she returns for another fix.

Tam said...

Has anyone taken "sixty days" yet? If not, put my bean on that square.

phlegmfatale said...

Shoot. I was going to say 60 days. Anyway, it's too bad her son couldn't have lived to die in a drunk driving accident or from cancer or flesh-eating bacteria or all the other satisfying somethings people die for, generally. It's too bad he couldn't stay home while other men and women went to fight for his right to party.

pdb said...

I continue to feel sorry for Cindy. I think the real target of her anger is her own son for enlisting and re-upping against her wishes. And I also think that the people she surrounded herself with heartlessly used her for their own benefit and continued to stoke her own grief and anger to suit their needs. I would call their behavior shameful, but you can't shame the shameless.

I hope she does reflect and finds it in her to forgive her son, and appreciate him, for being a goddamn hero.

I hope she heals, which is not something that the fuckers at code pink would allow her to do.

pdb said...

Errr, last line should read "would NOT allow her to do.", sorry.

Say said...

longest 15 minutes ever