Sunday, May 13, 2007

Video from the Alaska Chamber Of Commerce.


And here you though you were seeing nature red in tooth and claw when the neighbor's cat took down a chipmunk in your tomato patch.

Having recently started toying with the idea of a move to Alaska, I suddenly find that my .405 Winchester Encore shoots bullets too small, and doesn't hold anywhere near enough of them.


Dr. StrangeGun said...


.450 marlin semiauto with a 10 round double-stack magazine?

Maybe a handle on a wire, which leads out to a little (big) box on the front stoop that says "Front towards Bear"...

freddyboomboom said...

My dad took his record sized Kodiak bear with a Ruger M77 chambered in .338.

I lived in Alaska for 9 years until I graduated High School and went off to the Navy, so if you want to know anything about it, let me know.

Tam said...

The two biggest problems would be:

1) Something to do in Alaska that would put food in my tummy and a roof over my head.

2) How to get 100+ firearms and half-ton of books to Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bullpup semi automatic in .450 Marlin, or for traditionalists, .45/70 Army or 12 gauge.

As for something to do: Selling ammunition, guns and performing repairs. If it works in Tennessee...

BobG said...

Mother Nature, without the fancy dress and Disney makeup.

kaylee said...


Ummm... three weeks and one day to go, and you show me this?

Thanks Tams, you're a real pal.


Tam said...

De nada. ;)

(Actually, I kid: If I only have a half-ton of books, I's be shocked.)

Hunter said...

With your gun..."collection", avoid Canada all together and barge up from Seattle or ferry from Bellingham. There is a whole lotta Canada to drive through the other way. I'm living here in the SouthEast of Alaska. Need another driver?

Anonymous said...

Books and Stuff:

Get a steel 20ft shipping container. Pack, ship.

Big hint. Make sure they leave the semi trailer trailer under the box while you pack they can't really load a full one onto a trailer without serious equipment.

You about thwe wildlife in Alaska. I swear I'd get pack of really big dogs, and garbage runs will wait until daylight ..thank you very much.

Kristopher said...

As long as you can outrun your boyfriend, you'll be fine.

Pick a slower significant other. If he is faster, consider giving him a leg wound before running.

Anonymous said...

12 ga w/ Brenneke type slugs, or .30-'06 or larger rifle with rugged bullets (I like Barnes X). I use my SBS coach gun with 3" Brenneke's (which I can't find anymore) or I carry my DG rifle (SS M-70 in .458 Lott). Wouldn't feel comfortable having just a pistol up there, but I do carry my 4" 629 because sometimes you need your hands for something else.

Previous advise about loading up a 20' container and shipping it is sound. Ammo can be a problem in a container, talk to your shipper. I had to leave all mine behind when I moved to Hawaii, and my father and brothers are still shooting it up in my honor.


Ulises from CA said...

Even in LA I get to see nature at work. Neighbor has a flock of doves & a local hawk has noticed. So, one day, I'm cleaning up the Montero out front, when I catch a shadow out of the corner of my eye. The hawk has just taken out a dove not 10' from my position!

I am SO glad that T-Rex eveoled into chickens. Really!

Still & all, the bear stuff is hair-raising. Perhaps using a .357 to distract the bear & a .50 cal to finish it off if it decided to invite you to dinner?