Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Because its wheezing, slushbox-equipped 305 smog motor is dragging around 1000 pounds of cruise control, velour, power window motors, plastic "ground effects" and screaming chicken decals, that's why. :)

(...and before the "Tam hates F-bodies" contingent leaves in a huff, please remember that I actually liked my '84 Trans Am, even if I was unlikely to confuse that plush poser boulevardier with a bolt of lightning.)


Avalanche said...

And then there's maybe 300+ pounds of avoirdupois behind the steering wheel trying to maintain its position in space as against the best efforts of the driver's seat to displace it forward.

Weer'd Beard said...

Not to mention how crappy the roads are in Boston!

I have used 4X4 on my truck in BOSTON far more than I ever did living in Central Maine.

Think about how bad THAT is!


Anonymous said...

Well, they DID ask....God you crack me up sometimes.


Anonymous said...

One of the worst performing, but smoothest riding vehicles I ever had was a Chevy conversion van with a 305. Hell to get on the interstate, but a comfortable cruiser once you got settled down.

Larry said...

My 1982 Dodge Rampage, when new, would out-accelerate a new 1982 Z-28 Camaro.

Anonymous said...

Screaming chicken decals?
"Lookit here son, I say son..."

A real performance car has decals of a seegar smoking woodpecker.