Monday, May 14, 2007

Blog Stuff: Continuing the All Linky, No Thinky theme...

The importance of NPCs (Non-Player Characters, or "extras". -T.)

In D&D NPCs are the people who do all the mundane things of the world. From washing your horse, to planting corn, to being your lover. Most people in the D&D world are NPCs and will never go on a great adventure. If you treat an NPC badly they may steal your horse, poison your mead, or even GASP, stop being your lover. No one can get far without the support of the NPCs

Most people in the real world are NPCs also. Mundane people who lead mundane lives. But if you treat them wrong they might, key your car, spit in your beer, or GASP, stop being your lover. (Once again some things are truly universal).

-from All I ever needed to know, I learned playing Dungeons & Dragons.

I'm geeky enough to admit that that's pretty funny, right there.


Matt G said...

Such a geek-ess.

Don't you have some Arms Room blogs to write?

Anonymous said...

Geek-ette is the proper term.

D&D can really screw up your view of the world, especially when you want to use your ogre to take out the s****tch who just cut you off in traffic.

As a matter of policy, I always make friends in low places. Never had my horse stolen or my mead poisoned.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty good stuff, but he forgot the golden rule that applies no matter what you are, what your mission is, or even what game system you are playing. If you lose your way and do not know what to do just remember this: Kill them and take their $hit. If you follow that one rule, you'll probably do fairly well (in D&D - only selectively in life).

Anonymous said...

Don't mind me. I was just sent over from central casting as "Anonymous Blog Comment Poster."

It's an NPC gig, but we take what we can get.

Anonymous said...

One of our favorite party lines (I game once or twice a month) is a paraphrase for "Indiana Jones."

"Hmmm. Traps, very dangerous. YOU go first!"

Anonymous said...

If your lover is a NPC, your not doing it right!

Anonymous said...

Second try:
If your lover is a NPC YOU'RE not doing it right!