Monday, May 21, 2007

It could always be worse...

The Beemer averages about 22-24 MPG during my daily commuting. It'll see the far side of 30 during freeway cruising, but my short commute involves two interstate merges (The Westland on-ramp to I-140 and then the I-140 to I-40 West cloverleaf) in only about nine miles of driving, which pulls the average down heavily. All this means that I burn about a gallon a day, and the size of the tank dictates a fill-up not quite every two weeks.

It's a little car, and it feels weird to watch it swallow $30 worth of midgrade, but I suppose things could be worse. $7.10/gal? Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Sense the price of oil is same everywhere, imagine all the taxes built into that.

T.Stahl said...

Yup. About 70 to 75% of the $7.10 are taxes:
- mineral oil tax
- eco(logy) tax
- and on top 19% sales tax

Anonymous said...

My Isuzu Rodeo - which used to take ~$35 to fill - swallowed $52 of 87* the other day. And I commute 80 miles a day... I'll have to start buying ammo by the box instead of the case if this keeps up.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting 21-22 out of my Infiniti I30; since the round-trip commute is 21.3 miles, this means, yep, a gallon a day.

Friday night she demanded $40 worth of premium. Yikes, indeed.

roninaz said...

My commute is 61 miles round trip.

My Camry 4 banger automatic gets 29 MPG so I burn 2.1 gallons or so per day. A refill is needed every six working days depending on weekend traffic.

A refill for me depending gas prices is about $45.

Good thing I did not get that Tundra 4x4 V8 I had my eyes on. Otherwise I would be spending an additional $100 a month on gas alone.

Gewehr98 said...

Regular unleaded hit $3.35/gallon here today. The E-85 ethanol I run in my dual-fuel 2.2L Chevy S-10 was $2.44/gallon. I won't be running straight gasoline for a long time, at this rate. I'll stay with the locally-produced 105 octane corn squeezin's.

Anonymous said...

Wife and I spent 11 days in the UK about a month ago. Diesel was running about 97p/per liter. The pound was just about worth $2.00.
Do the math.

Good thing the Ford Focus turbo I rented got over 42 mpg. . . .I have to say, for a diesel it was pretty quick. So tell me again, why don't we have these cars here in the US?

Anonymous said...

I work in the oil industry in the exploration department. Heck as I type this I am getting ready to head to the desert to look for more oil.

You all have no idea how much of a mess we are in as a world when it comes to energy.

The stuff is hard to find, hard to produce and most countries that have it don't like us.

Me? I just bought a hybrid for my wife and this fall I will get another one.

$7.10 a gallon? Yeah I can see it in the future. Not this year, not next but maybe after that.