Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Boomsticks: *Ring! Ring!*


"Hello, I'm calling from XYZ Official Survey Foundation. We're taking a survey on gun ownership in America. Do you have a gun in your house?"

"Hang on, let me transfer your call to the guy who handles those questions around here, Mr. Dialtone."


Seriously, though; how accurate do they think their responses are going to be?


BobG said...

I refuse to tell ANYONE how many firearms are in my possession; it's none of their damn business unless they can prove that I have used one of them in the commission of a crime.

Porta's Cat said...

I get a regular "tele-market" here at the shop from some outfit called "Braun Research Incoporated". I made the mistake of answering and listening to them once, and after a brief explanation that they are taking a survey for "the banking industry", they immediately ask for my company's gross reciepts per year.

I am tempted next time they call to answer, let them ask that question, and then ask the caller to tell me how many times he/she has been laid this week and how many orgasms they experienced, and how many were self inflicted.

Anonymous said...

My favorite response to a telemarketer:

"What are you wearing?"

After each response I make I'll ask them, "Does that make you horny?"

staghounds said...

"Can I answer naked?" is better.

I just hang up.

Anonymous said...

How many guns do I own? A gun being defined as serial numbered receiver, I own and integer number of guns.

Anonymous said...

Funniest damn line I've read in a while...

"right off the bat about 30% of the people they go to interview now tell the interviewers (in effect) "F$%# off!"

Gee, I wonder what the gun ownership rate in that demographic is?" KB