Sunday, May 13, 2007

An old story with a new twist.

It's a story as old as America, but with a nasty new twist: Papa Luigi/Pepe Rodriguez/Mr. Rosenblum/Seamus O'Stereotype moves to America and pours all of his life's savings and sweat into his bistro/taqueria/delicatessen/South Boston pub. He tries to get Number One Son interested in the family business, but in a fit of teen angst, Junior rebels and starts running with goodfellas/gang bangers/accountants/Riverdancers. Pop goes into his declining years, nobody in the family is left to run the shop, it gets sold to some faceless corporate chain, and Billy Joel writes a song about it.

The nasty twist for Muslim Tatar and Super Mario's Pizza is that the bad crowd that Number One Son fell in with was a bunch of bush-league Al Qaeda wannabes, and the particular way he was going to act out his teen angst was by shooting up a bunch of dad's customers. This has understandably cut down on dad's business.

I feel for the guy, but it's kind of a predictable consequence. I mean. if your delivery drivers had been planning on machine-gunning me in their off hours, it might keep me from taking advantage of your "two-for-one" lunch special, too.


staghounds said...

"Now I am a target," Tatar, 52, said, adding that his business is "99 percent dead."

Who says the faithful have no sense of humor. Or irony.

Ambulance Driver said...


Now THAT is why people can't get enough of your blog, Tam; Grade A, Prime Smartass.

I'm not worthy!

phlegmfatale said...

Sins of the son visited upon the father-- that's from the Koran, right?