Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blog Stuff: Working in a gun store...

...I have heard more variations on the "My wife said 'It's either me or the guns. Dang, I'm gonna miss her...'" gag than Stephen Hawking could count. In that light, zomg is this funny!

(H/T to Z. Brain)


Anonymous said...

I have always been up-front with the Relationship Caveat: Love me, love my animals, because without them I will go insane and take you with me.

Found a guy who was totally cool with that. (And came with guns, but I was cool with that.)

Now the damn cat- who used to be a bona fide one-woman pet- likes him more than he likes me. He'll barely even sit on my lap anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm a cat guy married to a GORGEOUS dog gal. The only reason to dislike pets is, in my opinion, if one goes into anaphylactic shock when in the mere presence of the critters. Besides, my cat chases her 70pound dog around the house. This is the same dog who chased off two car-jackers, alone.


Entertainment value, I tell you!