Thursday, May 03, 2007

Today In History: PoliSci majors everywhere, rejoice!

For unto you a child was born.


shooter said...

you know, I wrote a paper based on his work in college. The title, "The Holy Roman Empire; Was it Holy? Was it Roman? Was it an Empire? Discuss."

This was way back when Mike Myers was hot on SNL.

I got an A.

Avalanche said...

Speaking of the HRE, shooter, do you know the *whole* story of why Henry had to humble himself at Canossa?

I know of only one book that explains it in full.

I'll give you another "A" if you already know or can find out.

shooter said...

I wrote that paper piss-drunk at 4:30a.m. the night before it was due. I don't care why Henry buggered himself at Canossa, nor do I care to find out from you. That's what Google is for. The whole premise of the paper was a joke to begin with. I mentioned the SnL skit to my prof in class and he dared me to write 20 pages on it.

Now, do Tam a favor, pull your lip over your head and swallow.