Thursday, May 17, 2007

Preventing Catblogging.

Thanks to this post at Dustbury, I am made aware of the most bizarre PC utility I have ever seen.

I guess it could prevent data corruption from when you beat your forehead on the keyboard in frustration after reading, too.


Anonymous said...

That's too funny! I wonder what sounds the program uses to discourage your cat from "typing" on your keyboard?I should think a pack of feeding wolves would be sufficient, or a roaring Kenworth with it's air horn blaring.LOL!

Paul Simer said...

I can't believe they want $20 for that.

Anonymous said...

That's nice, but is there anything that will stop catgirl blogging?

Anonymous said...

This is a much-needed product for people who own cats. My sister once came home to find the message "Are you sure you want to delete Windows? Yes No" on the screen.

While not necessarily a bad idea, she wasn't ready to do that just yet.

Mauser*Girl said...

That is one of the most ridiculous inventions I've seen lately ... and I don't think it's a "much needed product for people who own cats".

I happen to own three cats, in addition to my German Shepherd, and have never had a need for such a product. That's because I don't leave my computer on when I'm not using it (waste of power) and my cats know they're not allowed on the keyboard (against popular belief, cats can be trained quite easily).

What scares me is that there are actually people out there who would PAY for something that dumb.

DW said...

Yep. with the way I type, I would forever be locked out and annoyed.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Acidman ain't still among the living.

I'm sure he'd have been happy to endorse this utility!

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