Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Obligatory immigration post.

Say you had a problem with bugs in your kitchen. You had a big pile of spilled sugar in the middle of the kitchen floor, and it just kept attracting bugs. You complain to me that you've tried everything: roach motels, bait traps, hermetically sealing your house, but all to no avail since the sugar keeps attracting bugs.

I'm just going to stand there and blink in goggle-eyed amazement, wondering "Why don't you try getting rid of the sugar in the middle of the floor?"

There is always going to be a problem when a prosperous nation has a land border with a poor one (you'll note that we don't have swarms of Canucks pouring across the border, except maybe to buy cigarettes,) but why compound it by offering a vast cornucopia of free stuff that makes entry too enticing to resist? As long as this is the land of the handout, people who want handouts will come here looking for one. When you subsidize freeloading you can't complain about freeloaders, domestic or imported.


Anonymous said...

Nice insight.

Working a lot (and currently in) the third world, the way to attack this problem is at the source.

Jail the folks that hire illegals.
Make it illegal to to give illegals (sorry for the pun) aid.
Jail those who disobey the above rule.
Get rid of the rule that born here is a citizen.
Set up tribunals and courts only to prosecute these crimes. No appeal, minimal proof required they are illegal. 1 year jail time per illegal hired.

Next step is to outlaw money transfers to Mexico and central America. Sorry, if they cannot send the money back, the incentive drops. Besides, the criminals will take the money from them if they try and hand carry it back.

Final step is the most brutal. Throw every one of the 12 million back. Round them up and ship them out.

Sorry, but only an iron fist will solve this problem. Being nice will get us no where. Now is the time for action.

Oh well it was a good dream while it lasted. Anyone for Spanish as our primary language? Cue est?

Stalin would be proud of our approach.

theirritablearchitect said...

Try today's headlines if you'd like to see a little more of the sweet stuff that's attracting the hordes. It's titled, Obama offers universal health care plan, and should be just the thing for pounding yet another nail into the coffin that this nation now lies.

Somehow he seems to sound magnanimous to the proles when offering this, but when I hear it, it only sounds like totalitarianism. And I seem to be in the minority.

T.Stahl said...

Hey, I'm in Germany. I know how you feel. Only that it's much much worse over here. :-(

Anonymous said...

Tamara ~

You know I agree with you (and what an ironic first comment by anonymous above -- rather the opposite of your point, I think. "Squish the bugs! Squish them, I say!" Heh.)

The thing is, I simply do not see anyone in America with the willpower to, say, deny a five-year-old entrance to kindergarten because her parents don't any money to pay for her education. I don't see any of us turning a dying man away from the emergency room if he doesn't have enough money to pay for his own care. I don't see it becoming politically feasible to deny malnourished children access to food stamps and other nutritional programs.

I certainly do not see us doing those things to Americans.

But that is what getting rid of the sugar would look like ...

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought:

Aim our ICBMs at the nations with the MOST illegals in this country. DEMAND that they match EVERY benefit we offer. ANNEX them if they don't. Then send back the illegals to their own land "to run things" for us.

We get 10% of their GNP "in perpetuitatem".

Drop ship any "lawmaker" who dares try to reverse this process.

For those who have given birth here, make their children get them a Green Card by promising not to receive Gov't general relief for a period of 18 years unless there's another Katrina or so. No exceptions!

I had to jump through flaming hoops to live here. Why should THEY get a free ride?

The preceeding was an unpaid advertisment from the "I'm fed up with all this nonsense" group. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

A quick note...the Canadians DO come to the U.S., but almost exclusively for health care, and pretty much pay cash for it. Their health care rationing system has guaranteed long waits for routine procedures, up to and including heart surgery. Those who can afford it simply cross the border.

Bear in mind that 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 miles of a US border. That little number, on which I've been challenged several times, comes from the FAQ section of an obscure little website called "Statistics Canada", which is probably not very reliable since it's run by the Candadian government...