Monday, August 11, 2008

Mortgaged bread and Chinese circuses.

Frank James on the recent WTO negotiations, canditatorial clueslessness on agribusiness, and a grim future: It makes for an interesting read.

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Anonymous said...

Can't resist adding to the murky outlook: a recent reply to a friend in Africa, regarding Rad Muslims and US Elections. As good a site as any, for snark, I figger.

Dear Monika,

Those pictures you sent of the Muslim demonstrations in London have made the rounds here, too. Oddly enough, the event its self, received short term coverage, and the problem of the Islamification of "Great Britain" only gets occasional coverage here on a slow news day.

About half of my European correspondents really like Obama for President. I do not: he hasn't a firm grasp of the danger and threat Radical fundamentalist Islam represents. Or, as might be -- he may actually agree with some of their goals. He really believes that he can 'negotiate' and 'talk' with them. So far as his so-called racial make-up? Who gives a rat's butt, anymore? As Willie Lee from Deepest Negro Mississippi once told me, as we worked side by side in a furniture refinishing shop: "John! It doan be's who you is; it's how you be's." An that, my friend, is the most profound truth I have heard on the human race.

Obama lived in Africa, and apparently can't understand, or refuses to acknowledge, that those woman abusing, child rapist, beheading SOB Fundies live in a medieval mindset of conquer and rule in the name of a religion. That motivation makes any atrocity apparently OK with them. I heartily approve of military preemptive retaliation and prevention. Find them, fix their location and kill them: quickly, quietly, and anywhere. If people with them are killed, too effin' bad. They shouldn't have hung around with them.

What is too sad to me, is that the great majority of Middle Eastern people who immigrated into the US, since the 1900's have been excellent, family-oriented, hardworking achievers. Their childern are Americanized, but are usually good students who go onto higher education. I grew up with them in the 1950-60's Mid-West, at the Port of Toledo on Lake Erie. I was eating hommous and shish-kafta before most folks in the US could even tell you where Lebanon was on a map.

The Arabs that I have come to dislike here, are those who came as students, paid for by their government, that are Marxist and Muslim radicals who hate this country. They mouth off about oppression, Western Imperialism, how their religion is not honored. But, their women on campus dress like Parisian hookers and the men look scruffy and act like radical bullies. The American intellectuals fawn all over them and believe that the West is the most evil monstrosity of history.

Well, yes. European Westerners stopped most of the Arab/Muslim organized slave trade; managed and ruled countries around the world so effectively, that they produced not only enough food to eat, but enough to export profitably; instituted a judicial system; outlawed witchcraft and biggest thug rule; instituted medical care; and worked hard to do it. Were there abuses and killing by the West? Damn right!! And we are very good at that: two world wars have shown how good we are at killing everyone concerned. Not that that is something to brag about; but it was a reality recognized by most of the Third World.

The fact was: mess around with the white round eyes, and they will come and kill you. Efficiently. Then they will rule you until you start acting like a civil society. No cannibalism allowed, no widows tossed on funeral pyres, no child brothels, no mutilation of girl childern, and the list goes on. I find it ironic as Hell that the West that conquered the world with steel, gunpowder and the courage to stand and fight, and is now running like scared rabbits from Islamic thugs and Muslim immigration.

I just hope to Hell folks have Maxim machine guns stored away somewhere!!! ;~`) In the US, the Liberal Left is determined to ban guns and disarm the citizens, so we may be more easily ruled and pay much higher taxes to be sent overseas to 'deserving victims', in order to "right historical wrongs." The Left does everything possible to inflame racism and hatred among groups, so that they reap political profit from the troubles. Divide!! Not "United States", but disunited groups who hate each other, is the result. Destroy religion, destroy moral codes, destroy love of country, destroy...destroy...destroy. BTW, the Right Wing of this country has committed a few hitches and glitches, too. Just not anything like the organized program of the Left.

A lot of my kind of people are taking care to possess arms, ammunition, food supplies, and to keep them from seizure. We may never need to fall back upon them, but the horrible civil disorder that followed Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans showed what the New Worker's Paradise will be like. Personally, if the entire leadership of the Democratic Party, their blow-buddies in the Universities, the Hollywood Commies, and the National Media News Staffs all disappeared in an instant, this country would be a lot better off. We could all go back to work, at living with each other as we actually are, and actually knowing that WE HAVE to work. No free handouts, anymore.

Well, enough idealism. It ain't gonna happen. This country will destroy itself, and the left will be happy to make it happen. Freedom and real Liberty scare the shix out of them. Their idea is 'social liberty' -- sex, drugs, rock and roll and the State will sweep up the casualties.
The freedom to starve, or to to have babies that will die because you can't care for them, or to rot in a shix-house jail because you you wanted to be a Kewl Thug, or to end up digging ditches in return for a place to sleep and food, because it was too much trouble to learn to read and do numbers -- those were all part of the freedom to chose what you want.

The Left believes otherwise. They believe that they can save people at the expense of people who are already taking care of them selves. Those are the very same self-sufficient people, who will VOLUNTARILY be willing give to charities and churches to help the unfortunate. But they are not likely to ENABLE the poor and ignorant to be permanent parasites upon the Body Politic. The Left, on the other hand WANTS parasite voters, who will keep their own oppressive Elitist Overseers in power. Britain is a perfect example: from butt-kicking in the 19th Century, to ass licking in 21st Century. It only took one hundred years to become a pitiful nation of Old Ladies and Limp Wristed, Mean-Spirited Arrogant Assholes.

That's what out Left wants for us. I hope the bastards choke to death in fright when some Muslim fundamentalist Terrorist group decides to pop off a Tactical Small Nuke in downtown Washington, DC. Never, ever pay off terrorists. They will just come back for more.

Well, Monika. I haven't written much for a while, but I think that what I say represents a good many of us in the US who don't live in big cities, who have country roots, and can still remember when we lived in a society that was based on civil behavior and the rule of general courtesy. As to who will be dealing with the Arab/Muslim Terrs after our election? I don't know. It seems the Right/Republicans are are run by folks who just can't stick to being gentlemen, and letting the Left/Democrats scare the HELL OUT OF EVERYBODY until they end up voting Republican. ;~`). The Democrats can't resist being too smart for their own good, and eventually common sense folks just shut em off, because enough sensible cannot swallow all that leftwing bilge for ever.

However, whoever wins: whether they like it or not, the International Playpen will be a reality which no President can safely ignore. It's what will happen at home, if the Left gets elected that makes my stomach churn. Commies don't change, at heart. They just use different methods to achieve the goal of Social and Economic control. A plague upon them all, and may the first Universal Pandemic of the New Age wipe out the Liberal Elites first. Hah!!! In the meantime, be sure to have some lamb's blood handy to paint on y'r door post.

Peace to my friends,

John the Red,
from the West End of Lake Erie.
E-mail addy made available upon application. ;~`)