Sunday, August 10, 2008

Solo flight.

So, last night I prepared to wow my roomie with my newfound confidence and mad, 1337 skillz in the kitchen: I made my first solo flight with fried asparagus and baked salmon a lá Gunsmith Bob. (Because anything that lets you grab most of a stick of butter in your bare mitt and rub it lasciviously over pristine salmon steaks is just big fun to make.)

No lemon juice from a bottle or garlic from a can, either. Okay, I didn't use evaporative trays to collect the sea salt from the ocean and the pepper was from a grinder, but other than that, I did everything but catch the fish.

I carried the plates into the living room, we sat at our respective TeeWee trays, I sampled my fare... It's probably considered déclassé, if not outright gauche, to make little ecstatic whimpering noises over your own cooking, but I did. Dang, that was good. I started throwing avaricious glances towards my roomie's plate, but she managed to hoover her vittles before I was even halfway done.

I guess we can call this a success. Go Team Me!


Breda said...

yay you! (lots of recipes on the ol' intarwebz, btw)

Carteach0 said...

"hoover her vittles "

My first good laugh of the day.

E said...

big salmon fillets

1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 coup bourbon (drinkable, but not high-class)
3 Tbsp soy sauce

1) Whisk together
2) Baste fillets liberally (not politically)
3) bake at 450 for 20 minutes, basting again every 5 minutes.
4) 5min before done, whisk up the remaining sauce (make sure you conserved some sauce during your early liberal behavior) and simmer it for a couple minutes to de-boozify it.
5) serve with the sauce

I like to add blanched, chilled asparagus to the plate with a mustard vinegrette dressing

I'm ashamed to say where that recipe came from - some serial cookbook set in my mom's house years ago. *slammin* and easy.

E said...

"1/2 coup" bourbon - this is important. Do stop before there's a complete drunken kitchen mutiny.

Don Meaker said...

I am always impressed with fancy cooking, because I am no good at it. I can make an omlette, but my best recipe is Spam a la charbone"

You slice the spam thin, by choice leaving the fingers behind. Put it in a frying pan on an electric hot plate on high. When the smoke detector goes off, its done. Salt and Pepper as necessary. Either eat with a fork from the pan, or serve on bread as a sandwich.

I generally visit my good friend Marty and his wife (my ex-wife) for dinner. Good eats at that place.

LabRat said... is one of the better organized and user-reviewed sites out there...

tom-the-impaler said...

A friend of mine likes to baste salmon in butter, garlic, and brown sugar and then grill it.

Glad you're havin fun in the kitchen!