Friday, August 29, 2008

Total Eclipse of Their Card...

Hey, didn't that Obama guy make some kind of speech last night? I thought he was supposed to, but everybody's talking about Sarah Palin today, so I can't find anything about it.


That's gotta smart, Barry.


og said...

Oba- Oweba- Opra- Who?

Heath said...

Stick a fork in them miserable commies, as of 8-29-08 (Today), This race is officially over.

Obama doesn't carry more than 6 states, me thinks .


Scott said...

You said it Tam. I've been smiling all dang day.

:-) <----- see

Sad part is, my co-workers thought it was because of them.


Ed Foster said...

Lets see, hot, smart, a hunter whose favorite food is mooseburgers, a father who is a hunting guide, a half American-Indian husband who runs a fishing boat.
Said husband earned the money for the boat by spending 20 years as a blue collar roustabout in the North Slope oil fields.
She has a 90% approval rating in Alaska, and got it by cutting taxes and throwing out incompetents and crooks of both political parties.
Plus 5 kids and she could still win a bathing suit contest. Shoot me now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is McCain running as her V.P.?

Nathan Brindle said...

I went to a funeral this morning, and knew nothing of this until a friend told me after the funeral broke up.

It was like the sun came out all over again. Like Scott, I just keep smiling.

OrangeNeckInNY said...

Smile smile smile...

You're gonna have to wipe this grin off my face from my cold dead hands.


"Biden has a Barry in the market place
Sarah Palin puts them both to shame
John McCain says to Barry, 'in yo face!'
They all know that it's the end of the game
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Oba-ma HA!...oh oh how the life goes on..."

perlhaqr said...

And the one thing I haven't seen anyone mention is that (at least according to Wikipedia, grain of salt) today is the Palin's 20th wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary!

staghounds said...

Lets not get too excited until it's over. Remember a woman loses her status when she carries an R in front of her name. Like a black person does. Or an intern stops being a tragic victim of an evil pig boss when he's a D president instead of the assistant manager of a McDonald's.

TBeck said...

Happy birthday to me! I get a candidate to vote for instead of one to vote against.

Happy birthday to me, Michael Jackson and John McCain. I'm having a cake tonight but, unlike Jacko, I'm forgoing the slumber party.

alath said...

Staghounds is correct that in far lefty circles, putting an R behind your name negates any identity-political cred one would otherwise have by virtue of being female or black or whatever usually-enshrined group one happens to belong to.

However, those folks would still be solidly in Obama's corner even if he peeled off a layer of fake black skin and turned out to be a white pedophile named Bernie Olsen.

I'm not sure how this race will play out or how this choice will affect the outcome, but it's not going to hinge on what the far-left socialists and identity politics types do: they're already spoken for.

I think what this race will hinge on is whether the Republican/conservative base will get excited enough about McCain (or frightened enough about Obama), and which candidate/ticket can best appeal to the tiny minority of true undecideds.

As far as Palin - she may appeal to some women who are not otherwise lefties but might have voted for Hilary simply based on her gender. I would not expect huge numbers from this, though.

Robert said...

As egotistical as it sounds, i don't think this pick is about women so much as it's about people like me. I personally would have grudgingly voted for McCain even if he'd picked Lieberman as his VP, but a lot of conservatives wouldn't have. This solidifies the base.

Palin is a quality pick for Veep not because she's a woman but because she's an (relatively...very low bar!) experienced, tough, principled conservative strong on defense and abortion and not unacceptable on homosexual issues. That she's a woman is icing on the cake; if I thought she were just fluff then I'd be pretty down on this pick.

However, I've been smiling all day long. I like that a historically-underrepresented group is finally represented by someone competent to be there, and having a woman's perspective in such a high position will be beneficial.

Tam said...

Oh, that's what I'm giddy about. She's as un-token as you can get; the real deal.

CastoCreations said...

I was sooo excited that I (quietly) squeeled in glee this morning. (quietly because hubby works nights and was sleeping). I couldn't believe he actually picked her! I even jumped up and down a couple of times. And as soon as hubby woke up we hit the McCain website and ordered some goodies. I can't wait to get my t-shirt. :)

I just can't stop grinning! I'm ready for my Palin 2012 bumper sticker!

Jenny said...

"Oh, that's what I'm giddy about. She's as un-token as you can get; the real deal."

yup. :)

What was that Roberta was talking about, the "don't patronize me" thing? Hey - how's this for a quote:

"Signing this bill would be in direct violation of my oath of office"

When was the last time you heard that out of a politician's mouth?

tee. :)

pdb said...

I just want to go up to Nancy Pelosi and say "Turn around, bug eyes!"