Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Overheard in the Hallway:

Me: "Understand that where I grew up, we sent Larry McDonald, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, and John Linder to Congress."

RX: "Didn't you say that that first guy was a Democrat?"

Me: "Yeah, but he was also president of the John Birch Society."

RX: "You know that, to Hoosier ears, 'President of the John Birch Society' and 'Democrat' sounds oxymoronic."

Me: "See, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and... well... it's complicated, okay?"


Anonymous said...

Nothing complicated about it. JBS doesn't support political parties or candidates. Members believe in less government, more responsibility and--with God's help--a better world. Anyone believing the same can join. Members come from all walks of life and different sides of the political aisle.

Granted, the Democratic party and even the Republican party have changed greatly since Larry McDonald's time. Most of today's Democrats (and even those Neo-Con Republicans) probably wouldn't be members as they don't subscribe to "less government."

Incidentally, September marks the 25th anniversary of the shooting down of the KAL 007 flight that Larry was on.

Best wishes!

JBS, Appleton, WI

Unknown said...

I drive down the Larry McDonald Memorial Highway every day on my way to work, praise Odin!

Back when it happened, I remember thinking (well, for a minute or two anyway) that the Murdering Communist Bastards (tm) shot KAL 007 down just to get 'ol Larry.

Tam said...

Old Cobb County joke:

"Hey, did you hear they named I-75 in Cobb County the 'Larry McDonald Memorial Highway'?"

"Yeah, but only the right lane."


Anonymous said...

If you're interested in learning more, The New American magazine wrote an article about the 25th anniversary of KAL 007.

The magazine has yet to come back from the printer (we sent it on Friday), but the article should be posted online by either tomorrow or Thursday:

Thank you! I'll have to circulate your joke Tam. Will bring a smile to many faces over here!

JBS, Appleton, WI

doubletrouble said...

Wasn't that Zell Miller's state as well?

There's a Dem I vote for in a heartbeat...

doubletrouble said...

errr... that should be "I would vote"...

Tam said...

Heck, Sam Nunn was unusually pink for a Georgia Democrat when I was growing up, and he'd be a Republican most anyplace else...

boomvark said...

My late parents in North Florida had a next-door neighbor who, last time I looked, still voted Democrat on the grounds that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

North Florida and South Florida are entirely different states in ever sense but the legal one.

Tam said...


Like any good libertarian or conservative, I have a soft spot for y'all Birchers. Like a crazy uncle, I may not agree with everything you say, but dammit, y'all are family. :)