Thursday, August 21, 2008

Off to see the wizard.

I am not meant to be this active this early...

Let's see if I'm remembering everything:
  • Eyes & ears? Check.
  • Assorted Very Tactical tee shirts? Check.
  • Laptop? Check.
  • Backup laptop in case the first one pukes? Check.
  • iPod? Check.
  • Bandaids? Dammit, I've got to stop at the store.
I am off to turn my gimlet eye on the 9 sillimeter version of Para's LTC and hopefully not make a complete arse of myself in front of all the popular kids. Hopefully even learn a thing or two.

I've been asking people with more gun school experience than I for pointers and helpful hints, and the answers have ranged from "Remember: Front sight, press. And wear sunscreen." to "Don't (foul) up." I will try and keep all that in mind. Especially the part about not (foul)ing up.


Earl said...

Enjoy, enrich, incite, excite, do write. I like to think you will be reppin' me, like all the others that wish they were so Tam cool, wanna-bees and honey bees - not soon to bees.

Anonymous said...

Rock it!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with that last bit. DO foul up in front of people who know all about fouling up and how to prevent folks from fouling up again.

Also, bug spray. And keep drinking water.

Anonymous said...

Yes water.

Since you know, we're going to be in a damn swamp.

Don said...

I plan to write "The Para-0rd Tac-S: Idiot-Proof?"
We put it on the range with one to find out!

If I die in a plane crash or a TSA holding cell, Tam, just know that I didn't mean that luddite crack.

I meant the part about the Macs, though.

John B said...

You will be fine. Ain't nobody died of embarassment yet! (He said as his friends pulled his pants down around his ankles!)

Frank W. James said...

To me Firearms Training Schools ROCK! the best ones are better than sex and the bad ones are still pretty good.

I guess you could say that about something else.

Use sunscreen, drive plenty of water and have a GREAT time.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Frank W. James said...

"drink" not "drive"....what a maroon!

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Owen said...

water water water.

Dump pouches are a good thing.

Take care of blisters early and often.


Aleve/tylenol, painkiller of choice is probably a good thing too.

Hecate said...

UPLULA on a badge reel clipped to your belt. Worth its weight in thumbs.

And potty breaks and reloads are both best taken care of when you CAN, not left until you MUST.

Anonymous said...

And drive alert, you may meet a fool or two...

Rabbit said...

Make sure the Band-Aids are fabric, not vinyl. Sports tape is your friend, too. Blue Loc-Tite is handy as well.

Got plenty of gun lube?

polarized sunglasses?

Extra water bottles?


Don said...

I raided my desk just before I walked out the door. I have a pack of tissues, a large bottle of Acetaminophen (Aleve), alcohol swabs, latex gloves and AWESOME bandages.

My bandages are "Captain America" editions with stars and stripes. But I have cloth athletic tape, too.

Anonymous said...

You took Steve Fisher's class, right?

Just remember, "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast."

That, and don't "bowl" on your draw. Grab, up, rotate, straight out and up.

Sigivald said...

Don't duck around?

the pawnbroker said...

if you do (foul) up, who the (foul) is going to call you on it? (foul) that, you're a woman with a bad attitude, vicious snarkability, and depth of knowledge and experience equal to anyone there...nobody's gonna (foul) with that...


Xavier said...

Go get 'em Tammers!

Anonymous said...

I've had the honor of being bellowed at by Mas Ayoob when I >fouled< up during one of his classes. For a short guy, Mas has an impressive bellow.

I survived just fine.