Saturday, August 09, 2008

Now taking predictions:

Who arrests more protestors:

The ChiCom cops during the Olympics? Or the Denver PD during the DNC?

To make it fair, the ChiComs can only count protestors actually arrested (that means alive) at or immediately outside Olympic events; people shot or crushed by tanks elsewhere in the country do not accrue towards the total.


NotClauswitz said...

ChiComs arrest protesters? I thought they just took 'em around the corner and shot 'em - or rolled the crunchies with a tank.

Will Brown said...

Are we talking formal arrest here or the more traditional "round up the usual suspects" followed by hold them in isolation 'till nobody's looking?

If the former, it's Denver PD and their cohort.

If it's the latter ... well, how are you going to tell? The fear from uncertainty is more effective at controlling population than is publication of every "judicial action" taken. Saul Alinsky's Rule #10.

@ dirtcrasher: The Chicom coppers have to justify their ammo budget somehow. They notoriously bill the convicted arrestee's family for the round expended after sentence is carried out you may recall.

Tam said...

Wanna define it as "Made it alive to the booking desk"? That should give the commies an edge, but not an insurmountable one if the whole Seattle/WTO/RATM crowd shows up in Denver.

NotClauswitz said...

Which is why rolling over 'em with a tank is cost-effective for the billing department. :-)'
Chicago/Cook County cops are pretty good with the book 'em and lose 'em for a week too.

Will Brown said...

Tam said: "Wanna define it as "Made it alive to the booking desk"? That should give the commies an edge, ..."

I dunno, LA cops have their mobile "stations"; assuming the Chicoms have their version of same, where does that fall into the metric? LAPD is also justly famous for it's nuanced "inter-jail transport system". The unarraigned can be in limbo for literally days just by accident; urban legend has that extended to weeks as a matter of deliberate intent. Can't imagine the 6,000-years-of-history crowd haven't long since worked out something similar. See dirtcrasher's subsequent Illinois example too.

I think cops across America ought to be more concerned about the mainline Dem's going berserk then the anti-globo extremists myself. Hillary! has herself well positioned to stage a coup for the nomination and Obamessiah's halo has badly slipped over the course of the summer. I have this recurring mental image of SNOT ninjas nightsticking outraged cadre of William Kunstler/Lynne Stewart clones acting out their rabid sense of entitlement wherever they can gather in critical mass.

It all promises to be a stirring example of Democracy-in-action as viewed from this corner of Texas.

The commie coppers not by intent, of course.

Anonymous said...

Denver PD is going to win. For one thing, lots more whacknoodles are homing in on the Dem convention to disrupt it. Chinese are much more law abiding. They won't be flinging poo either.

And forget about the ChiCom cops using tanks. For one thing, you've all seen the photo of their Segway SWAT unit. For another, a tank messes up the internal organs. I have it on good authority that the literal translation of the Chinese term for "political prisoner" is "organ donor."

Anonymous said...

With China, I think it will be interesting to see, though we never will, the rato of Chinese versus foreigners. That could be a pool sheet all of its own.