Thursday, August 14, 2008

You know what I love about my new crib?

Being able to ride my bike two blocks for a yummy Cuban sandwich for lunch today.


the gripping hand said...

Where did you go? IIFC, you live in the Broad Ripple area. I live downtown, but I'm always looking for a good sammich.

B&N said...

I have a joint down the street here at work that does a marvelous Cuban with a bowl of potato leek soup. Helluva combination.

Look into it.

Brigid said...

How was it? I was there Saturday I think, to wander in and look at the gunny magazines, but I'd just done Yats so I didn't try one.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with Cubans(although living in Florida I have access to lots of both the sandwiches and the people), but could you tell me if the Italians or the Swiss ever made a carbine version of the mag fed 1885 Vetterli(sp)? I came across what looks to be one in center-fire at ye old gun shop and for a buck and a quarter I am sorely tempted. Thanks.

Tam said...

TGH: Northside News Cafe, across the street from the new Fresh Market on College.

B&N: I'm generally down with tater & leek; I'll give it a whirl. :)

Brigid: I didn't have the Cuban on my first visit, because I saw they had a reuben on the menu and reubens are my greatest weakness. (Best reuben I've had since I left Atlanta and the now-defunct Oscar's Deli.)

Anon: If you mean the box-magazine Italian Vetterli-Vitali, then it looks like there were a number of T.S. (Truppi Speciale) carbines, although they're scarce compared to the rifles. For $125, I'd jump at any Vetterli-Vitali. I want one badly.

Rob K said...

Tam, if you love Reubens, a friend of mine runs a site you'll be interested in: Reuben Tuesdays. They visit area restaurants and grade their Reubens.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll take your advice and try to send some pictures. If it's for real, when you get the scratch I'll consider letting you aquire it.