Saturday, August 30, 2008

Round Count For Today:

Someone Else's Guns:

3" Model 13 shooting .38 Spl +P: 6 rds.
Flat-latch Model 36 shooting .38 Spl wadcutters: 10 rds.
6.5" Model 629 shooting .44 Spl LSWC: 12 rds.

My Guns:

2" flat-latch Model 34: ~60rds of .22LR
'66 Colt Gov't Model: 224 rds assorted .45ACP (ball, SWC, 200gr GDHP)
As above, with Ceiner conversion kit: A lot. I mean, probably 400 rounds or so.

Which all adds up to a pretty darn good day at the range.


Bunnyman said...

To paraphrase the "rules of a gunfight":

Bring several guns. Bring all your friends with guns. And prod them until you get to shoot their guns.

Especially the revolvers.

Anonymous said...

Any day at the range should end in a dramatic lightening of the load going home. Sounds like you did well.

Anonymous said...

Any day at the range should end in a dramatic lightening of the load going home.

Amen. Like I've been heard to say when I take friends to the range: "I didn't bring all this ammo just to take it home again!"

Kevin said...

I take it you like the Ceiner?

Bought one from Brownells way back when - the only complaint I have is that the blow-molded case does not have enough room to hold the .45 parts neatly when you swap at the range, and I have to lug the extra .22 mags in the range bag. I may have to get off my arse and make a fitted wooden case to address these issues.

The Ceiner conversion for the AR is shoots so nice that I am tempted to get one for the Mini-14.

On the subject of 1911 add-ons have you had any experience with the Springfied Armory SASS Single shot conversion or the Mech-tek CCU Carbine "upper" for the 1911 frame? Both nice ways to use a great grip/trigger system.

I screwed up when I got the SASS, I should have replaced all my Contender chamberings when they were available. I only got the 10" .223 and a 14" .308 But both will do for handgun hunting up in Penn's woods. Getting 14" .44mag and 45-70 would allow me to dedicate the TCs to range play and not worry about knocking them around in the woods.
I took a buddy from DC to the local game lands range a couple of weeks ago. Had 4 1911s there, one in original config, one with the Carbine Conversion, one with the Ceiner and lastly one with the top break single shot "upper" - can't call the SASS a slide since it is stationary. Had a great time celebrating the Heller Decision.

Crucis said...

My wife and I celebrated Labor day at the range as well.

1. S&W 4" M19 - 40rnds, .38 LSWCHP, 20 rnds .357 LFN.
2. S&W 2.5" M13 - 40rnds .38 LSWCHP, 20 rnds, .357 LFN.
3. S&W 442, 30 rnds, LSWCHP.

Most of the .38s was expended on shooting falling steel plates. My wife is good.

Discovered that some .38s won't knock down the plates. Heard the PING, but no fall. :-(