Sunday, August 17, 2008

Working at the ol' factory.

The other day I was heating up some leftover prime rib for lunch and I thought to myself "You know, that grated horseradish in the fridge would be the berries on this." So I pulled out the jar, but noticed that the use-by date thereon was September of '08.

Hm. How funky does this stuff get as doomsday approaches? Without putting a lot of thought into the matter, I uncapped it and took a big whiff.

Which was kind of pointless when you think about it, because even freshly grated horseradish smells like a stale onion in an old sweat sock. How can you tell when it's gone funky?

FWIW, this stuff was still just fine. Yum!


J.R.Shirley said...

Mmmm...horseradish. Makes any sandwich better. Except peanut butter, maybe.

JohnOC said...

My guess would be it would start to turn unusual colors and change texture. If it became fuzzy that would be a sure sign.

But really, can you imagine any microbe finding that stuff hospitable?

John B said...

good hearty snort of horseradish?
cleared up the ol' sinuses I'll wager.

'Sides I got garlic that's 6 months past the date.....

Standard Mischief said...

Ever try fresh grated horseradish? Wait until passover, take the whole root home and grate it on 4-sided cheese grater using the short side that you never use.

Mix it with a little vinegar so it resembles the stuff in the expired jar. Go easy, because it's very pungent but wonderful.

The condiment is a high acid food and would likely just go bland passed the "use by" date.

Anonymous said...

Make Roberta a sandwich first.


OrangeNeckInNY said...

Mmmm...horseradish on prime rib...:::making the Homer Simpson gurgling sounds:::

Never known horseradish to go bad. Then again, I don't keep it around long enough to go past its expiration date.

I've eaten peanut butter and ham sandwiches and they're darned good. I reckon a bit of horseradish on it might not be so bad after all.

amcz said...

I once ate some three-year old Wonder-like bread.

It was surprisingly fresh.

Rob K said...

I can't imagine horseradish going "bad" until a long time after the expiration date. Getting bland, sure, but anything like rotten, no.

mts said...

With horseradish, I'd think the only thing that could happen to it would be that it loses its potency.