Monday, March 02, 2009

Curse you, Al Gore!

I am looking out the window and it is blazingly sunny out there; what we used to call "severe clear" at the airport. It would be awesome to hop on my bike and pedal down the Monon Trail into Broad Ripple proper for a burger and a quick stop at the Kroger.

But I am not duped by the pretty sunlight. tells me it is 24 degrees out there, and when you add in the wind out of Mordor that is gusting to 18 mph, that adds up to a wind chill of... well... let's just say I'm taking the car. And not putting the top down, either.


Anonymous said...

Heh. If my mountain bike wasn't in pieces as I perform some needed upgrades (shiny new hydraulic disk brakes, new wheels, etc), I would be out riding in the snow. Instead, I'm going to go have a snowball fight with my daughter. :)


Jeff said...

When I used to fly back home in IN I was always leery of severe clear. There is a good reason its that way and it usually involves insane winds aloft and turbulence.

In other news did you see the story that the global warming march got snowed out in DC?

RobD said...

While I was in Ireland last month they got their first measurable snowfall in more than 25 years (if you think the cities have trouble removing snow here...). Some of the locals asked me, "Isn't one of your politicians all about Global Warming?". I rolled my eyes and informed them that, yes, Al Gore was the Supreme King of the Ministry of Disinformation and we were all looking forward to this ever elusive Global Warming to start giving us some heat.

Anonymous said...

This was a payback Clipper. It looped around the Lakes, leaving the traditional suffering states high and dry, and shared the Gorespel with Georgia and the Carolinas on the way to the DC rally. All those 'friends' who like to call after checking the map and ask "How do you like your weather?"--this is your chance. Call collect.

I hear Life in the Northern Town of Hue is lovely this time of year. Of course, it's always beautiful in Hue. There's no hate there.

Ed Foster said...

Hue? the same Hue I sent January and February in, 21 years ago? Lovely indeed. In a DIFFERENT sort of way (Hue? Pun?).

I'd rather be here in sunny Connecticut, temperature 18 degrees Farenheit and 18.5 inches of fresh snow thank you.

No hate at all, just a well developed hunch and scurry, flavored with nervous tick.

Tam said...

"I hear Life in the Northern Town of Hue is lovely this time of year. Of course, it's always beautiful in Hue. There's no hate there."


I hear they've finally been getting over Uncle Ho Fever there. It's a damn shame that this global downturn is going to give the next Asian tiger strep throat before it can really roar forth a fresh blast of capitalism. :(

Anonymous said...

Severe clear here, and it hardly broke 80F today. Time to get out the sunscreen.


reflectoscope said...

Perverse, no? Clear, sunny and -40; snowy, miserable, and just below freezing.


Joseph said...

Mordor? Don't you mean Chica...oh, I see, nevermind.

mts1 said...

The horrible wind. The one that blows the warmth out of the body. I'd take a ten degree drop in temperature, no matter what the temperature is, if the air can just be still. This has to be the windiest winter on record.

pops1911 said...

And here in central Florida it's a balmy 36 degress this morning!!! Must be global warming again!!!!!!!