Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pugsley see, Pugsley do.

I guess he figures that since Washington, DC is making all these noises about nationalizing American companies, Caracas should get a piece of the action, too.


pdb said...

One silver lining in this whole mess is that no matter how rapid and destructive our own decline, other countries will lead the way down!

Also, I am deeply disappointed in the lack of cohones displayed by Cargill:

Klein added, "Cargill expects the opportunity to clarify the situation with the government and is respectful of the Venezuelan government decision."

Fuck that. My response would have been more along the line of: "We've hired Blackwater to supervise the turnover process. Enjoy nationalizing that smoking crater, Lootie."

Tam said...

The temptation to play Hank Rearden would be mighty indeed.

jimbob86 said...

"The leftist president called the company's practices "a flagrant violation of everything that we have been doing."

Ummm....... er...... jes' what is it yer tryin' to do there, Shorty? Make'n ever'body equally pore n' starvin'? Gubmint cain't run a cathouse, and yer thinkin' ya'll can make a go of it wit' half-cook'd rice?

JD said...

They are circling the drain and he knows it. This is a desperate grab for a life line that will fail. I am with pdb, they should pull out and leave scorched earth behind for him

BobG said...

Makes me wonder why he doesn't just start referring to himself as Hugo el Rey.

Anonymous said...

Jimbob, that's not fair.
Government can't run a cathouse here.
Venezuela may be really good at it.

the pawnbroker said...

from the article: "Cargill, which is privately owned, has been doing business since 1986 in Venezuela, where its operations include oilseed processing, grain and oilseeds trading, animal feed, salt, and financial and risk management."

yeah, they might want to brush up on that last bit.

but of course it is the anointed one sincerely flattering pugs and not the other way around...citgo is testament to that. bo has started with financials, is gearing up for medical, and no doubt commodities are, uh- in the pipeline, as it were.


Blackwing1 said...

Wasn't it Ellis Wyatt who set fire to his oil-shale extraction system? "Wyatt's Torch"?

Anybody left (pun-intended) trying to do business in Venezuela should know what to expect. Anybody left trying to live there is SOL, since basic foodstuffs will rapidly disappear as companies are nationalized. We're going to be slightly more resilient, but as noted by others, we're doing exactly the same thing right here, right now.

jimbob86 said...

"Jimbob, that's not fair.
Government can't run a cathouse here.
Venezuela may be really good at it."

um..... er...... 'cuz those third world whores is so much better'n Vegas dancin' girls? An' the johns have real money, as opposed to the monopoly kind? Hell, they'd prolly be better off gettin' paid in sump'n of value..... mehbee some real turlet paper, without all them dude's pitchers an' fancy printin' on it......

rickn8or said...

That's the trouble with nationalization; you can only steal the wealth ONCE.

Any bets as to whether Cargill goes whining to Congress for a bailout?

Anonymous said...

jimbob. They do it with volume.

rickn8or, there's an oil company in Philadelphia that actually had its Venezuelan holdings nationalized three different times. Three different managements, no notebook in the drawer, that's an MBA for you.

perlhaqr said...

For fuck's sake. Why doesn't someone clip that asshole in the ear with a .308 already?

WV: "neding", Chavez is neding to be shot.