Saturday, March 07, 2009

You know who designed that gun?

A neat thumbnail review of the Colt's Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless by Firehand. I like that gun so much that I have two of them. Someday I'll get one in .380, too, when I'm rich and famous.


Anonymous said...

Justin Moon?

C. Reed Knight?

Gaston Glock?

Hugo Schmeisser?

FJ Vollmer?

Alexei Ivanovich Sudayev?

Eugene Stoner?

Misha Kalishnakov?

Ernie Vervier?

I give up. Who could have designed that gun?

Tam said...

You'll get struck by lightning if you don't watch out!

Anonymous said...

*hands in pockets, kicks rocks*

I'm sorry. *hangs head*

Shootin' Buddy

Frank W. James said...

At this year's Shot Show I asked a mgt type at Colt why they didn't make an attempt today with modern machining and MIM parts to remake an exact duplicate of the 1903 or the 1908 .380?

Doubt if it goes anywhere, but at least he listened politely and seemed interested.

Alas, mine is in the shop. Something with the disconnect plunger was hanging up and not letting the slide go forward.

I do appreciate that gun.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

has anyone christened our new president "Li'l Mao-Mao" yet?

kbarrett said...

I see that JMB (pbuh) meme is smartly moving right along.

We should have the infidels on the ropes in no time.

Mike said...

I love those 1903/8s but I'm a southpaw and I can't operate the safety with my left hand. Did they ever make an ambi safety for them? I'm always having this problem with early pistols. I know it would be blasphemous to modify a nice gun but maybe one that has already been refinished and bubbaed some.

Mark@Sea said...

Love my model M. Live in perpetual fear that I'll forget my vest pocket and it'll go through the wash.
Thinking about turning a Remington Model 11 (Brownings' A5) into an HD gun. Custom, longer mag tube and forearm. Thoughts?