Sunday, July 05, 2009

As my roomie pointed out so eloquently to me...

...the trouble with democracy is that we get the government they deserve.


og said...

Thankfully, we do not live in a democracy, but in a representative republic. The pity is, a democracy would be more to our liking, at present. The representatives fail to represent.

Tam said...

"Thankfully, we do not live in a democracy, but in a representative republic."

That was the intention, at least...

og said...

LOL! Prezactly. Wish it was working out better.

Atom Smasher said...

Darnit, you gave me an idea for another post.

Stranger said...

Aristotle's definition of democracy is "government by the poor," since there are always more who fancy themselves poor than any other class.

The problem with Democracy was also neatly outlined in Politics - the poor take power and loot the treasury. Or at least those who claim to represent the poor loot the treasury.

It seems probable we have a democracy. The problem is getting rid of the democracy and returning to a Republic. Defined as a political scheme in which every man is armed, that they may either defend or depose the king as they will.

TJP said...

Roberta X--the straight shooter.

I've come to the conclusion that mankind is capable of only one form of government: rule by a mob. It does not matter whether that mob is a loud minority, or a collection of party officials. It's all a load of populism, and the ones that are the most offended end up having the treasury at their disposal.

Anonymous said...

Who is defining "we" and "deserve"?

I certainly do not deserve democracy. I could care less about what the majority thinks as they are immoral, smelly, uneducated and, above all, not the boss of me.

The Shootin' Buddy Refined Political Axiom:

The problem with democracy is democracy.

Shootin' Buddy

Mark said...

Ha! This sums it all up for me, thanks.

There is no political party I can support, because none of their head-brain types can do math. Or stats.

Bunglers, all. So a democracy doesn't even slightly work for me - so all I can do is work with the materials I have to try to have a happy life.

Ed Foster said...

Ah, for the good old days, with poll taxes, literacy requirements, and required militia duty, and it's concomittant legal requirements of hue and cry.

Poll taxes to show one actually contributed to society and could afford to cover the costs of processing and verifying your vote.

Literacy requirements to show one was informed, or at least capable of being informed.

A militia requirement to prove one was judged trustworthy by know sources of probity, and to provide the individual with the knowledge and ability to fulfil his obligation both militarily and as a citizen joining in hue and cry.

Which simply meant that every single citizen near a criminal enterprise was required to immediately cease whatever he was doing, and join in the chase or opposition to criminal undertaking, or be imprisoned for not exercising his/her responsibilities as a citizen.

For what it's worth, it wasn't written off the books after the establishment of major police forces in the 19th century, although it's rarely enforced outside Arizona anymore.

Haul out the old hogleg if you're observing a bank robbery in Scottsdale, shoot every badguy you're sure of, and they have to give you a reward for squeezing the trigger.

Or a prison sentence if you're stupid and ding the wrong guy. It does have a certain charm, doesn't it?

Bram said...

The Greek experiments with Democracy failed horribly. Since our founders were educated men, they established a Republic and designed it to control the impulses of the mob.

Politicians have spent the last century trying to circumvent those controls.

T.Stahl said...

So what have the people around me done to deserve the government we have?