Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cross-threaded with the feds.

Apparently the folks at Tennessee Guns, Inc. got cross-threaded with the federales over a bunch of soon-to-be parts kits.

TGI is a big importer located in the Knoxville area; I've done a lot of work with them over the years and know quite a few of the folks that work or have worked there.

Back when I worked at Randy's Guns & Knives, I spent the entire summer of 2003 helping Shannon carry out modifications to literally thousands and thousands of CZ-52s that TGI had imported, in order to prevent the decocker from functioning as a second trigger. Field-stripping, grinding, milling, cold-bluing, reassembling, safety checking... Hundreds of CZ-52s all day, five days a week, for months.

Did you know that driving home in a car with a black leather interior on a ninety-degree Tennessee summer day with your clothes and skin drenched in cosmoline produces a smell exactly like month-old mildewed sweat socks? You never really forget it. It was another two years before I could bring myself to touch a CZ52...

Sweet Vishnu, do I hate the smell of cosmoline to this day.

Anyway, I hope everything works out for the folks at TGI.


Paul said...

Tam: is that your user name on arfcom? (OP of that thread)

WV: "catere"

Did ya' tell the catere we need meals for 50 people?

Tam said...

Nope. I've never registered at ARfcom, actually.

rickn8or said...

OmiGAW!! One or more of my CZ-Fitty Two's were probably handled by TAM!! (swoonz)

And your last line about TN Guns, too.

jc said...

I'd have thought that leather and cosmoline would be a marketable fragrance. Silly me.