Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sign of the times?

The natives are getting restless.


Anonymous said...

I don't listen to billboards with grammatical errors. They are not the boss of me.

A billboard edited by an 8th grader, no doubt the work of Reason magazine.

Is this the work of Wookies? Banjo Wookies perhaps?

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

I though that it was liberals who liked to sit around and feel superior? Are you listening to Garrison Keillor again? ;)

Anonymous said...

Who told you?


Shootin' Buddy

skipelec said...

Shootin' Bud,
Are you a third grade school teacher?
Who cares? Spend your money-get a sign.

Anonymous said...

"Who cares?"

Obviously not those who put up the sign. What credibility does one assign an illiterate political philosopher?

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

Yeah, they even misspelled "cri de coeur".

Joanna said...

If I'm reading something and I notice basic grammatical errors (misplaced commas, etc.) and misworded idioms ("tow the line" "another thing coming", etc.), the writer's credibility goes down a notch automatically.

perlhaqr said...

I'm guessing the original graphic said "overthrow" in place of "revolution", and when they changed it, they didn't update the rest of the sentence. Which is a shame, because now people will just be bitchy about the wording and totally dismiss the message.

tomcatshanger said...

There are a number of versions of the Second Amendemt to the Bill of Rights floating around, guess that means it is lacking in credibility.

Damn old farts couldn't even be trusted to write good.

B Smith said...

Pfft. I've known many a man (women, too) who couldn't form a sentence correctly, but could put rounds on target with great reliability.
If someone truly has my back, his or her grammar isn't really all that important to me. You wanna hang with the English majors, it's your prerogative :-)

dave said...

The important part isn't that somebody paid to put up that billboard.

It's that the billboard company was willing to display it.