Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dog bites man.

So, somebody got a cap busted in them at the corner of 36th and Meridian:
Police say the victim, later identified as 23-year-old Deandre Clay, who was a passenger in a white 1995 Chevrolet, was shot by a lone gunman as the vehicle rolled to a stop on 36th Street.

Witnesses described the suspect parking a tan or gold late model four-door vehicle on the south side of the street, walking west and approaching the Chevrolet.

Witnesses told police the suspect shot Clay.
I am going to go out on a limb and guess that one or both of the men were involved in the unlicensed independent pharmaceutical business.

A quick check of the Marion County Murder Map will show that getting a cap busted in one's ass is a not terribly uncommon occurrence in the vicinity of 36th & Meridian. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if one lived on the north side of town and wanted a cap busted in one's ass, that would be as good a place as any to go get it done, although I'd imagine that participation in the unlicensed pharmaceutical trade, membership in certain neighborhood youth organizations, or being where one doesn't belong late at night are all risk multipliers.


Anonymous said...

Hackathorn's First Law: don't go where you don't belong.

Oh, sure 36th and Meridian is O.K. for getting shot, but 24th and New Jersey is where the cool kids go in Indy to get shot.

Shootin' Buddy

Weer'd Beard said...

And can you believe that Rickey Martin is GAY???

jimbob86 said...

Damn Fool. Doesn't he know that "sittin in yo' ride, mindin' yer own" is, statistically, the most dangerous thing you can do?

Tam said...

Based on the report, I think this shooting was about as un-random as can be.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Aren't those "undocumented pharmacist"?

B Smith said...

Weer'd wins, heh

...and, this is my 'shocked face' :-/