Thursday, March 11, 2010

"There's nothing we can't do."

Hey, remember when liberals were so all-fired “concerned” about illegitimate rule by Executive Order, circumventing the usual legislative process in favor of despotic mandates from On High? Nah, me neither.
Like fishing? Tough.

Dislike bland food? Tough.

This is the Unconstrained Vision in action.


Kevin said...

Damn! Somebody DID read it! ;)

Anonymous said...

that makes me want to take up fishing.

An awful lot of sporting goods stores do an awful lot of their business catering to the fishermen in their area. Kind of like guns, rods and reels are something that is nice to feel before buying, and so far that internet hasn't been able to provide that ability.

Academy and Bass Pro just to name two are going to be greatly effected by any new fishing regulations and bans.

Stuart the Viking said...

Man, I wish there was a news organization that would just cut out the sensationalist crap and actually report the damn story.

Both of the articles that I read on this were very short on details. All I got was "CHANGE FISHING STUFF!!! BAD!! BAD!!! MUST THROW FECIES!!". The truth could be somewhere between "restricting the number of fish licenses" and "complete ban on all commercial and recreational fishing in American waters".

which is it? Until I know, how do they expect me to give a crap?


wv: phale, which is what the reporting on this story has done.

Stuart the Viking said...

Salt. The only rock we eat.

As an amateur cook, I know for a fact that some things need salt while cooking and can't just be salted at the table. This guy is an absolute ASS.

I'm glad I don't live in NewYork.


Sigivald said...

That second one has nothing to do with executive orders or despotism, though.

Assemblymen authoring bills is the normal legislative mode in action.

It's stupid (the man is evidently an anti-salt activist - that is to say, an idiot) and has about zero chance of passing, but if it did, it wouldn't be executive "circumventing the normal legislative process" or despotism.

Just stupid democracy.

Joanna said...

His dad used a lot of salt and died of heart disease, so nobody else can use salt, ever again.

In a righteous world, that kind of reasoning would get your ass kicked the second you put it into action. Has he never heard the story about "I love you like I love salt in my food"?

theirritablearchitect said...

Time to shake my gun in the Tyrant's face.

Fuck 'em, and say it right out loud.

Anonymous said...


You have to understand how inland waters ways work. Any ditch that collects water that could end up in a river that boats use for commerce is under the control of the federal government.

Obama could order to save the red snapper, all fishing is banned in navigable waterways of the gulf of Mexico watershed.

It sounds rather harmless, but all fishing in this area would be banned.

global village idiot said...

Would a salty fish ban be okay if it were just on Passover?

Which reminds me - if the chowderheads in Albany take perfect leave of their senses and give this nitwit his way, is it not also a de-facto ban on anchovies on pizzas? Anchovy canneries may have a class-action claim.


Ken said...

Democracy can be as despotic as anything else, and unrestrained democracy is likely to be at least as despotic as anything else.

One more reason to be glad I'm not a fish & game warden. Most of the ones I've met, state and county rangers, have been stand-up guys.

Anonymous said...

First the sum bitch wants my guns. Now the our retarded President threatens my fishing!!
I got one bigassed treble hook with the retards name on it!!
Sorry but you need a little salt in your diet.

NotClauswitz said...

There goes my Lutefisk.

B Smith said...

Take it with a grain of---err, never mind.