Sunday, March 21, 2010

Overheard at the Gun Show:

An older man and a woman were manning the "Veterans For Ballard" table at the gun show as I walked past it today...

He: "Hello!"

Me: "Is Mayor Ballard going to let me carry my pistol on the Monon Trail yet?"

She: (obviously embarrassed) "He doesn't seem real popular for that here today."

I'll say. It was Sunday afternoon and they had all of two names on their signup sheet. I didn't check to see if it was just some wisenheimer signing up as "Sarah Brady" or "Seymour Butz".


Anonymous said...

I see you haven't ordered Silver Pigs yet. I hope you used my snarky sonata appreciation token towards something shiny and blue at the fun show today, and didn't piss it away on a sixpack of gelato...AT

Jayson said...

I'd like to go to the 1500, but ya can't buy guns out of state.

And now congress is gonna basically bankrupt the lot of us.

Dave_H said...

Not popular? Heh. Understatement of the year. He apparently thinks that gun owners who safely carry everywhere else are suddenly going to morph in to a danger to the public when they step in to a city park. It goes without saying he is going to be wildly unpopular with a good portion of the folks that regularly attend gun shows.

rickn8or said...

The very fact that he sent these people to the gun show says he's too stupid to be mayor.

Joseph said...

Also overheard at the gunshow while passing the Hostetler booth.

Her: Are you an Indiana resident?

My Buddy: Not today.