Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Overheard in the Dining Room:

RX: "What is a 'Flexitarian'?"

Me: "Somebody who thinks that vegetarianism is all cool and hip and green and trendy, and wants to be part of that club, but doesn't actually want to quit eating meat. So they eat lots of vegetables and a little meat..."

RX: "In most countries do you know what they call someone who eats lots of vegetables and a little meat? Poor."


Bram said...

I've been to places where lots of vegetables and a little meat = upper middle class.

Poor = home grown rice mixed with stuff they found in the woods.

Joanna said...

I thought they were called "posers."

Anonymous said...

"Vegetarian" is derived from the Native American word for "sucks at hunting".

Hunsdon said...

Kind of reminds me of what some of my friends from teh ghey community have said about bisexuals. "Dude, just make a choice!"

I can respect people who have a vegetarian diet based on morality (even if I don't really understand it), and I can understand people who just really dig on vegetables, but flexitarian sounds kind of, you know, Tiberian in its lack of discrimination.

wv: herge Hey, where's Tintin?

Newbius said...

In most countries, the poor are thin and wiry and sometimes malnourished. The truly poverty-stricken die of malnutrition and starvation if the diseases don't get them first.

In the USA, the poor are often obese (and malnourished), yet they have cell-phones, televisions, and a place to live that has Internet and Cable. Somehow they manage to get their tattoos and piercings. The truly poverty-stricken die of drug overdoses if AIDS or other STDs don't get them first...

< sigh >

Stuart the Viking said...

I'm the opposite, I suppose you could call me a "poser carnivore" since I do eat some fruits and vegetables.

I think people should eat what they want (and by extention, since Lewis brought it up, screw what they want as long as he/she/it is consenting and of legal age). I don't see why anyone would pretend to be a vegetarian... except if she's cute... then I totally would.

In reality, I wouldn't get far with that. Most vegetarians can spot me as a meat eater from a mile away and I can usually pick them out just as easy. I think it's the smell. I'm not saying that vegetarians are stinky, I'm just saying that they have a scent about them. I first noticed this when some so-called friends (who apparently didn't know me at all) set me up on a blind date with a nice girl... a nice vegetarian girl. Boy did that end in tears (hers, not mine). I wasn't mean to her or anything. She asked about my childhood and I grew up on a small subtinance farm where we raised lots of tasty animals. Boy are vegetarians sensitive! It was on that date that I noticed it. That girl smelled SO GOOD... like I had to force myself not to bite her the whole evening. I have notice this with other vegetarians that I have met over the years since then. It's the scent. Oddly, that same scent on a guy just makes me want to hit him... go figure. Luckily I am able to control impulses.


BobG said...

"I think it's the smell."

It's possible. Red meat produces more uric acid, which is eliminated in both urine and sweat, and is one of the main components of BO. A heavily carnivorous diet can make for a stronger body smell.

Fruits and vegetables have their place; a person does need to have a bit of roughage and vitamins with their real food (meat).

og said...

I thought Flexitarians were followers of Dr Flexi Jerkoff from Flesh Gordon.

Showsya what I know.

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed Flexitarians were flowers.

A meat eater I will always be. Yummy.

See Ya

John Venlet said...

I just thought it was funny.

Gewehr98 said...

Whew. I was discussing k.d. lang and Melissa Etheridge today with co-worker, and I referred to them as two musical vagitarians. He'd never heard the term before, and had to clean up coffee that erupted from his face. Adjectives, gotta love 'em!

WV = "presse" - What vagitarians do a lot of, since they're kinda missing the proper hardware...

David said...

I'm an indirect vegetarian. I eat animals that only eat plants.

But I'm not a strict one, because I will also eat omnivores and carnivores.

I'm so fickle.

monkeyfan said...

Flexitarian: A dread-locked yoga aficionado.

WV: ructines

Badly packed forks in your rucksack.

Anonymous said...




B Woodman
wv: subsi (someone with ADD couldn't finish . . . what was THAT??)

Anonymous said...

As I ate a hamburger today I noted that fresh baked bread can pretty much cover up the smell of anything but death.......