Monday, March 22, 2010

QotD: 1984 edition...

Dirtcrashr in comments here:
In a One-Party state (like California for example) the "Stupid Party" is just a fig-leaf for the perpetual war between Oceania and Eurasia - or if you throw in Ron Paul, East-Pluto.
Now we are all in a One-Party state - like East Germany, the Deutsche Democratik Republik - another One-Party state that called themselves "Democratic."
His internets is in the mail.


Anonymous said...

One man, one vote.

Given his way, 0 would be the one man, with the one vote.

Very simple.


NotClauswitz said...

Thank-you Tam! I've been struggling with this whole bastard thing like hell, since my educated/educator parents are such stupidly staunch supporters of "Social Justice" - which is just another word for Lebensraum - it means nothing but it (importantly) evokes a passion for other people's stuff of all kinds...

Borepatch said...

I'm not sure. I've never seen anything like this before - the crisis of legitimacy in Washington is unique.

There are people - devious, crafty people - in 50 Statehouses thinking about how they can turn this crisis to their own advantage. I don't know whether we'll get a Constitutional Convention, but I don't think we need one. Get 20 Governors to say they'll prevent enforcement, and 8 to actually do it, and Barry O and company can pass anything they way for all the good it'll do.

Frankly, I don't see the 101st Airborne rolling down I-35 towards Austin.

This is an opening for ambitious pols who are not in Washington to get ahead. The way that Congress has Gerrymandered themselves into Supreme Soviet level of re-election just makes it worse.

If the Pols can't go to Washington for the Power, bring the Power to the Pols.

And the people despise Washington. What's Congress going to do about it? Cry?

This is fixin' to get really, really interesting, in a succession-crisis sort of way. A good succession crisis sort of way, of course.

Old NFO said...

It's obviously time for We the People to take back our Country, the real issue is HOW that gets done...

Hunsdon said...

For some reason, whenever I look at the impending doom and destruction of the Old Republic, I'm reminded of a line that I think was used by one of the Church of England guys shortly after Henry VIII.

"Reform? What, things aren't bad enough already?"

Anonymous said...

1984? Would that it could be so. Do-overs on those 25 years would mean no 9/11 or Iraq or TSA...and no O. I'm thirty again and the visionary who single-handedly opened my eyes had reached his stride. And it was morning in America. Sigh.

What? The Orwellian '84? Oh. Well, he was off by a decade or three but pretty prescient otherwise.

Here's the thing though. It ain't quite "1984" yet, ya'll; more like 1980 was in the real world. The handbasket was sliding fast and furious towards hell then, too. But freedom as we know it was pulled back from the brink, at least for a while.

Georgie was warning us as to what can happen when we abdicate personal responsibility; Ronnie inspired us as to what can happen when we seize it.

So it's 1980 again; which 1984 will come?


(stuck this comment under the wrong header earlier; sorry for the double-dip, Tam)

Anonymous said...

The distinctions between the parties are crystal clear. One party voted for government medicine, every single member of the other party voted against government medicine.

Writing checks, knocking on doors and stuffing envelopes will win; wookie whining will not.

"A good succession crisis sort of way"

The only success will be the Republican party in November and that will not be a crisis.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

"The distinctions between the parties are crystal clear."

Exactly. One is in favor of big government meddling in health care, and the other is in favor of really big government taking over health care.

"One party voted for government medicine..."


As the old saw goes, "We have determined what you are, madam, now we are merely negotiating price."

Bram said...

I dream of moving to another country like Texas or offworld to a place where there are two or three good choices. Maybe the Libertarians, Federalists, and on the far looney left the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Shootin' Buddy: The problem with the R's right now is that too few of them are like Ronnie and way too many of them are like the gov of my state of Fla...

While he rails against the healthcare takeover and vows that our state will be at the forefront of resistance, he gladhanded BO when the Viagra checks were passed out; it's not whether they are for or against statism but rather whether or not it's their own state getting the "ism".

If RR were around right now he'd be rallying around the real grassroots and passions of the T party along with all of the real conservatives, the libertarians, independents, and maybe even some D's...arguably the thirty-something of them who were on the "nay" side of that vote showed far more backbone than the R's who just voted the party line; more a vote against BO than the bill itself.

Could even be that there are some real possibilities among that group that deserve a vote of confidence and appreciation come November...and would be welcome additions to the stealth party that has the best chance of picking up the baton that Reagan left lying on the ground in 1990 and no R since has had the balls to pick up and run with.

If we're going to pull back from the precipice this time, the R's are going to have to have a lot of D's, L's and I's to make it happen.


Anonymous said...

"If RR were around right now he'd be rallying around the real grassroots and passions of the T party along with all of the real conservatives, the libertarians, independents, and maybe even some D's"

No, he wouldn't. There was a strong wookie element in the mid-70s after the twin disasters of Nixon and Ford.

RR spoke out against wookieism and wanted to reinvigorate the Republican party. We now have the bold colors of contrast and not the meek pastels.

"I dream of moving to another country like Texas or offworld"

The Libertarian Party line aside, it will take real work to fix the car. Not sitting in the back seat read science fiction.

Shootin' Buddy

Unknown said...

Perhaps a name change is in order: North American Democratic Insular Republic, or NADIR for short.

Tam said...

"The Libertarian Party line aside, it will take real work to fix the car. Not sitting in the back seat read science fiction."

Gosh, what could I do that would be "real work" for my team?

If only there were some way I could get my views out to thousands of voters every day from right here on mom's couch...

I'll go read a science fiction book while I ponder how I could maybe possibly do that.

Bram said...

Snarkiness is my panacea.

NotClauswitz said...

My "Republican" governator Arnold would have voted for Obamacare if he'd gotten some easy-shtick off it like "Green Jobs" or some other Enviro-Hooey - any of the perks from those who caved.

I just don't see too many bold colors of contrast besides the Tea Party, but I'm on the other side of a mountain range.
I see insider wannabe Rham-Emmanuellinos elbowing to get a cut at the trough, hairspray and fake nicey-nice appeasement, Don't worry your pretty little head we CAN fix it from the backseat, and Don't Scare the Country-Club Peoples! - at least that's what Sacramento looks like where we have a permanent minority that enjoys regal status.

Joanna said...

I'm all outraged out; my biggest fear right now is seeing how many people will confuse "succession" and "secession" in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

SB, I guess if you're desperate to toe the party line you can see a contrast between shades of gray. But Reagan took the monotone he was handed and created his own contrast with hard results; you want to enumerate the results of the pubs since then? I didn't think so.

The R's might get the motor going, but if they want to drive they better learn to ask for directions, starting with those of us in the back seat. No, we will NOT sit still and be quiet while they drive us off a cliff.


Keads said...

Here is another commentary on this: