Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank you, $Valued_Customer!

Burger King is apparently stealing customer's souls in Brazil.


Jay T said...

That's why the King is smiling.

Mikee said...

They're not stealing customers' souls, they're just borrowing them to put on the customers' burger wrappers.

And I would not eat something with my face on it.

It was Kliban, 70's cartoonist of the crazy cats, who once titled a book, "Don't Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head." I think a Triple Whopper with a picture of my head on the wrapper falls under this rule.

Anonymous said...

The Brazilians seem nonplussed or even happy over this stealing. In the USA somebody would surely cry out about being offended and threatening to sue.

Shootin' Buddy

B Smith said...

I used to like Burger King, they were the best fast-food chain in the biz for a long time, IMHO. They've been going downhill for several years now, and just creepy, somehow. I can just envision some punk saving the images to his/her notebook, then laughing over them with their friends at the end of their shift.
Bad enough the DOT is taking my pic as I'm singing with the radio while traipsing down the freeway. "Whopper Face"? Eww.

Kristophr said...

Nope, not happening.

You need a much longer fstop to steal souls. Modern cameras have way too fast a shutter speed to steal souls.

Sarah said...

Just what I want: the ability to stare at my own likeness on a day when I'm rockin' some of my rattiest clothes and have a stinkin' acne breakout courtesy of all the greasy junk food.

markm said...

It's just a way to help their (probably illiterate) staff match up the orders with the customers.

I don't know about inside the stores in the USA, but nearly every drive-thru food joint now photographs your car when you order and brings that up on-screen at the window.