Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You're telling me it's a "right", right?

Phil at Random Nuclear Strikes is confused by the way that the rhetoric of Obamacare doesn't match the mechanics:
Not in the most leftist history class was I ever instructed that fines could be levied upon “Rights”.
Clearly there is more in the works...


Jay T said...

There are "Rights" and then there those of the left. Nothing about Obamacare is "right" nor does it worry about the rights of any of us.

Joanna said...

"Baby, why you gotta make me act like that?" asked the government. "You know I only hit you 'cause I love you ... "

Mark B. said...

Seems to me there was a kranky Kraut had

Something To Say

on the subject awhile back.


Rojo said...

What excuse are you guys gonna come up with when we kick your butts in Nov. at the polls AGAIN?

NotClauswitz said...

"Baby, I loves you so much more than the other girls, now gimme that money I axed for!"

John A said...

Why not? -
proposal in re focing us to exercise a `right`

via - ph, and from comments at snow:
<a href=">Town requires firearms</a>

perpster said...

Well then, when does the fining of all non-gun owners start, for failing to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights? Or is this only apply to rights not enumerated in the Constitution??