Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's the big one, Elizabeth!

I had to get a screen cap of this:

Surely that was a mistake and the intern who typed the headline has had his press pass ceremonially ripped from his shirt before being drummed out the back door and into the streets, never to work in journalism again.


og said...

That sort of truth in media has got to be stopped NOW!!!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Damnit, comrades, we must protect our phoney baloney jobs!

Anonymous said...

Poor MSNBC! Even when they obviously slant the questions, they can't get the results they want.
They'll have to change the choices to:

Do you favor angry redneck degenerates slaughtering toddlers in the schools?

Are you a sane, rational person who believes guns can be misused and cause harm?

Are you undecided about allowing private citizens to kill people?

For a good time, read the comments. They are full of, "OMG! Evil guns kill millions of innocents every day! Outlaw them all so we can have utopia!"

Word Verification - spree, as in "shooting," Too funny!

Anonymous said...

All sorts of Shocking Headlines today (to those that write them; to those that live them, not so much):

Japs notch just three on the top ten list of JD Powers reliable cars.

At the top of the Compact Premium Sporty Car list? Bimmer Z.

They could have just asked someone who has clocked a buck-and-a-half or so on the odo of one...know anybody like that?

'Murcan nameplates make big strides too, but the top of the overall list? Porsche. Guess I'll have to take their word for that one.:O(


theirritablearchitect said...

But, but, but, but...more guns means more crime!

Oh, wait, that's their line.

(walks away laughing)

pax said...

Hey, watch the video that goes with that headline. Marty Hayes did some nice work there.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add -- it's at


Tokarev said...

Can we vote to eliminate the term "pack heat" from rational discussion? It makes us sound like gangsters. If not gangstas.
Do stories about record numbers of homosexuals in SF headline with "Record number of residents now pack fudge"??- Bill Bernstien

Fudgie Ghost said...

Do stories about record numbers of homosexuals in SF headline with "Record number of residents now pack fudge"??

That's funny. . .you're funny. .

Keads said...

I too take offense to the "pack heat" term, but it fits in with the rest of the propaganda. Starbucks is taking a hit in Doonesbury:

DaveFla said...

"Starbucks is taking a hit in Doonesbury..."

Having read that strip prior to 1982 or so, I've got to ask: of what, exactly, is Starbucks taking a hit?

Keads said...


There are people openly carrying guns in Starbucks and the Brady people are having kittens over it. Starbucks has said after the Brady attack that they will abide by state laws and if someone can legally carry in that state they will not ban the firearms from the stores.

I personally don't care for the 4 buck whatever drink; more of a Dunkin Doughnuts or Maxwell house coffee person myself.

Ian Argent said...

@DaveInFla: You are owed one (1) internet, and my coffe-splashed keyboard. Thank you.