Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fundamental disconnects.

1. Banning objects doesn't work. If people get a mad on and decide to off some folks, nothing is going to stop them. If they can't get a gun, they'll make a bomb. If they can't get a bomb, they'll run amok in a classroom or train car with a cooking implement. It's a punk's game and you can't win it.

2. Group punishment is not something that applies to free adults. Unless you are in Cell Block D, Mrs. Krabapple's third grade classroom, or Recruit Training Platoon 101, then punishing, penalizing, or in any way inconveniencing Person A for the malfeasance of Person B is a BS non-starter, okay?

3. Lastly, contrary to the maundering of that idiot Limey poet, I am an island; get it? There are quite literally billions of individuals on this planet whose demise would not diminish me, (or you, for that matter) in the slightest. If anything, going into spasms of hand-wringing and what-shall-we-do? over the death of someone you never met and never would have met actually strikes me as a little disrespectful to the people who actually were diminished by their death.


Larry said...

Actually, there are quite a few individuals, both known and unknown, whose demise would actually increase my quality of life.

Not that I intend to ever effect such an outcome, dont'cha know. I'm just sayin'.

ToddG said...

Blustering on for the sake of getting attention is a reward unto itself for these folks. They don't care whether they're screaming about the oil spill or gun violence or AIDS. "We (and of course I mean you) should do something about this!" is nothing more than a self-serving narcissistic expenditure of otherwise useful oxygen.

Old Grouch said...

"Group punishment is not something that applies to free adults."

What about members of Congress?

TJP said...

Wait! The answer to everything is more authoritarianism! Let's decimate the populace until they stop behaving like a big mob of typical human beings!

Tam said...

Old Grouch,

"What about members of Congress?"

I don't think there are any innocents there.

Justthisguy said...

Tam, yer never gonna get laid, talking like that. I mean, I tend to talk like that, and I never get laid. I will not discuss causes and effects.

Mr.Wolf said...

So it's a STATEMENT!

I always thought it was a place.
Nomanisan Island. With that mountain on it, Fitov Peak.

You live and learn. (Hopefully.)

Best wishes.

w.v. unded. Truly.

Anonymous said...

Preach on, sister! My own opinions are similar, but somehow not that eloquent.

Bubblehead Les said...

Not really a disagreement, but in regards to #2, aren't those of us who disagree with BHO and his Commie Buddies being punished as a GROUP just because we voted against him and lost? After all, the Gooberment just announced 550,000 jobs were created last month, so even though they were ALL Census Workers, doesn't that mean his "5 Pillars of Economic Growth" are working, and we should just shut up and follow his lead? (Yes, he used "5 Pillars" in his speech today!) His middle name IS HUSSEIN, after all.

wv: birebush: What ever it means, it must be George's fault.

staghounds said...

But what about JFK Junior, and Princess Diana???!????

Andy said...

"There are quite literally billions of individuals on this planet whose demise would not diminish me"

But, I imagine there are a few here and there. Perhaps more just an archipelago, instead of an island.

Tam said...


"But, I imagine there are a few here and there."

There are hundreds I can think of off the top of my head, and probably thousands more I don't even realize.

But to assume that every human death should rip my guts out...? ;)