Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Well, obviously...

...they should ban guns some more over there.

I mean, it's worked so well in Chicago!


Bob said...

I'm sure that busy little Labour and LibDem MP's are working on it as we speak.

Anonymous said...

..and steak knives. ban the steak knives. and pencils. They can be sharpened to a fine point.

Jason said...

"We've banned all guns in the United Kingdom."

"Blimey, guv'nor, there's been a shootin' down at mill!"

"Well, we'll just have to ban them ever harder from now on."

jimbob86 said...

Moar Illegallr-ness!!!! Make it Moar Illegallr-ish .... er, ...-ish-ness, .... or something!!!!111!

TW said...

Obviously, the solution here is to ban taxis, so they do not create the environment of hostility which drove that poor chap to such measures.

Ever notice that there is more crime in big cities? Lots of taxis in big cities. Maybe we should round up all the taxis and put them in their own special area.

wv: melike

Ed Foster said...

My guess, since nobody mentioned a shooting certificate, is that the presumed shotgun was one of the hundreds of thousands in England, Wales, and Scotland that were in the family long enough to avoid registration. All the more so in rural places like Cumbria.

A bit of grease, some oily rags, and Uncle Roy's lovely old Webley and Scott is safe for centuries.

Since it's illegal to have it, nobody in the family will turn Da in to see him punished, and there's always a person in the next generation who's willing to hide it.

Given the feeling that things are falling apart, probably most of the family thinks it good insurance for someone in the family to have it, just in case.

Brits aren't allowed to reload, but the "hand-in count" of exchangable empties is notoriously sloppy, and allowance for occasional lost rounds is a common thing.

Sadly, the grandson or grandnephew who "inherits" the shotgun isn't always as tightly wrapped as it's former owner.

One more reason to legalize the things, and weed out the whackjobs.

Anonymous said...

No, God, not another nutjob whose fallen for Jodie Foster! I didn't know Travis Bickel was a Brit!

wv: Malti, his Falcon just crapped on Grandma's Head again! Go clean it up!

Brad K. said...


I think the Brits did pretty well with banning the guns. The part they failed badly about was the labeling.

See, when you ban the guns, there is a moral ethos that requires you to post warning signs. In this case, the entire country needs posted. "Warning: Entering Disarmed Victim Zone. Mass Shootings happen in Disarmed Victim Zones."

I understand I have to put up with avoiding Disarmed Victim Zones in colleges and restaurants, sporting events, shopping malls, airports and airplanes - Even if they got their signage failures addressed, those looking to commit mayhem have a "sixth sense" about where Disarmed Victim Zones are.

The UK, being one nation-sized Disarmed Victim Zone, really owes it to their citizens - just like Chicago should! - to admit the down side of creating Disarmed Victim Zones.

The tragedy is less about the total number of shootings, than why no one is asking why someone didn't stop him after the first victim? That is the question the Brady Bunch doesn't want to hear.