Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good. Let's hope justice is served.

ATLANTA (AP) — Three current and former police officers have been indicted in the shooting death of an elderly Atlanta woman during a botched police drug raid.

Hopefully the whole sorry Kathryn Johnson affair will become a turning point in the way we're conducting the War on (Some) Drugs, and not just go down as some aberration.

(H/T to Michael Silence.)


NeoNietzsche: said...

One hopes.

But since Prohibition opposes Libertarian reasonableness with:

1) Widespread Prudery and

2) Ethno-cultural Bigotry plus

3) Organized Criminal profits

4) Which sustain IA's worldwide

5) And Laundering by Banks plus

6) Congressional Lobbying,

the prospects are not so good.

neofriedman said...

Won't be surprised if the indictments were another one of those accidents where the GJ returns a true bill but the prosecutor was looking for a ham sandwich.

- Neofriedman (same as the old Friedman)

Brandon said...

Two have pled guilty so far, and the third plans to go to trial. I say to him, "Good luck with that, dude. Don't bend over for the soap."

Todd said...

10 and 12 years respectively for their Fed sentence, to run concurrently with whatever state sentence they might get.